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baby changing table / with bath - PRAXIS

Designed for use in the healthcare industry, this modular technical system is composed of modular cabinets containing technical walls that are equipped to the user’s needs. The Praxis system offers...

baby changing table / with sink - ZEROFIRE

The ZeroFire line offers the baby changing unit which contains worktops having wheels and structured to provide flexibility to the user which was not possible in conventional baby changing unit. The product is used for infants and features a connection of water supply. The...

baby changing table / mobile - LINKAR 329592

Linkar combines plastic materials with steel in a synthesis that is both light and sturdy and that can
be adapted to every need.
Its purpose is functionality: every element can be easily extracted to facilitate cleaning operations.

baby changing trolley - 7124

This infant changing cart (model 7124) has a worktop which is designed for the integral mattress. The specially shaped mattress is supplied as standard as are the fitted...

baby changing table - 24-PE200

The changing table is a brilliantly designed furniture. It was designed for...

baby changing table / mobile - 24-PE205

This particular changing table contains a shelf made of...

baby changing table - 24-PE210


The Product contains:

baby changing table - 24-PE300

The technique of space saving has undergone a sea change with the advent of wall...

baby bath cabinet - 24-PE215

24-PE215 Bath Cabinet
Keep the areas around clean of mess with a bath...

baby changing table - 7114

Easy to clean laminate surfaces
Vertical spanner adds support to panel legs
2" firm foam...

baby changing table / with sink - Alphamat

Loxos Alphamat has a compact design for use in single or double maternity rooms....

baby changing table / with bath - Betamat

Betamat is the smallest changing station with a bath for a maternity bedroom. Moms will surely be delighted...

baby changing table / with bath - Omegamat

With the new Omegamat, changing an infant's diaper will be much more convenient. It...

baby changing table / with bath - Standard 115

This workstation has simple, clean lines and is the smallest...

baby changing table - M078 Simple

Manufactured in enamelled steel.

baby changing table - M078

Table to undress babies, large
Table to undress babies, large model....

baby changing table - M7818

Made from high-density polyethylene.


baby changing table / mobile - VARIOTHERM Easy Care

The mobile baby changing unit VARIOTHERM Easy Care is a very useful alternative to a fixed location baby changing facility with a ceiling or wall mounted radiant warmer. The VARIOTHERM Easy Care can be used for nappy changing, examination and treatment independently in any room....

baby changing table / with bath - MBE 1060

For entire sterilization required centers
Grade 304 stainless steel

baby changing table - SDN-1

SDN-1 baby changing table is your aid in care and examination of babies and infants at doctor's surgeries or at home. Optimum size work area allows for easy and safe...

baby changing table - DT-2124

The upper part of the table is coated...

baby changing table / mobile - 5630

Cart Model 5630 is a laminated changing table with a PVC washer and rubber bumpers. The size in dimensions...

baby changing table / mobile - ECONOMY

The mobile changing station from RCB is one of its innovative products. There...

baby changing table / mobile - ECONOMY

It has a cushioned deck,...

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