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Schmitz und Söhne 101.0155.0
operating table headrest 101.0155.0 Schmitz und Söhne

The product is an operating table for complete head...

Schmitz und Söhne 101.0126.0
operating table headrest 101.0126.0 Schmitz und Söhne

Shaped Head Rest: Designed to Ensure Comfort The adjustable head rest is designed for providing patients with secure and comfortable head support in healthcare centers. The head...

1 products Arthrex
11 products INTEGRA
operating table skull clamp MAYFIELD® INTEGRA

The MAYFIELD Modified Skull Clamp allows the neurosurgeon to position the skull pins in critical areas. The flexibility of the device enables this to be accomplished with complete safely. The...

operating table skull clamp MAYFIELD® Triad™ INTEGRA

This cranial clamp provides 3-point rigid fixation as well as visual indication of the clamping force on the three skull pins. The force of the three pins...

operating table skull clamp MAYFIELD® Infinity INTEGRA

Multi-functional cranial fixation and stabilization options are provided by the Mayfield Infinity Skull Clamp product. Features from this trusted brand are included in the new clamp, which is engineered...

operating table skull clamp MAYFIELD® 2000 INTEGRA

MAYFIELD® 2000 Skull Clamp is meant for provides 3-point rigid cranial fixation. Its streamlined body design and low profile single pin side facilitates greater exposure to the operative site. The...

operating table headrest (for neurosurgery) MAYFIELD® INTEGRA

When rigid fixation isn’t needed, the General Purpose Headrest offered by Mayfield provides good cranial support and positioning. It features comfortable headrest pads that easily contour to the...

INTEGRA  MAYFIELD® Adult Swivel Horseshoe
operating table headrest (for neurosurgery) MAYFIELD® Adult Swivel Horseshoe INTEGRA

MAYFIELD® Adult Swivel Horseshoe Headrest has a horseshoe shaped headrest that adds cranial support in the prone or supine position for person and older children. . Key...

13 products Schaerer Medical
Schaerer Medical 101001 DORO®
operating table skull clamp 101001 DORO® Schaerer Medical

101001 Doro® Skull Clamp QR3 is for a secure and stable 3 point fixation of patients in all...

Schaerer Medical 300800
operating table pediatric headrest 300800 Schaerer Medical

This universal non-invasive headrest has been...

Schaerer Medical 300900
operating table headrest 300900 Schaerer Medical

This headrest cushioned with gel...

Schaerer Medical 303400
operating table skull clamp 303400 Schaerer Medical

The DORO Skull Clamp enables a secure and stable 3-point fixation of patients in all positions, and facilitates...

Schaerer Medical 91450
operating table headrest 91450 Schaerer Medical

1) 91450 Head rest standard comes with side rails of 25x10 mm dimensions. It offers maximum flexibility, and tilts up and down effortlessly. 2) 91453...

Schaerer Medical 92210
operating table headrest 92210 Schaerer Medical

The Head rest standard 92210 features up and down tilting...

5 products STERIS
operating table headrest BF215 STERIS

It fits into the headrest portion of a table. It gives better access to the head during...

operating table headrest BF036 STERIS

BF036 is for surgical procedures involving...

operating table skull clamp BF038 STERIS

This is a device, which provides extreme flexibility for the neurosurgical techniques. It...

operating table headrest (for neurosurgery) BF592 STERIS

The Narrow Headrest is appropriate for neurological...

STERIS BF15 - 400
operating table headrest (ophthalmic surgery) BF15 - 400 STERIS

This device provides with comfort to the patient’s head. It fits perfectly...

TRUMPF Medizin Systeme
operating table headrest TRUMPF Medizin Systeme

TRUMPF understands that special solutions need to be designed for special needs. It offers personal solutions for positioning patients in addition to unique head rest systems, to standard...

1 products ConMed
2 products Alvo Medical
Mediland Enterprise Corporation PA13.01
operating table headrest PA13.01 Mediland Enterprise Corporation

The Horseshoe Headrest provides support for the patient’s head...

Mediland Enterprise Corporation PA13.02
operating table headrest PA13.02 Mediland Enterprise Corporation

Mediland enterprise brings the latest Horseshoe Headrest that supports patient’s...

Mediland Enterprise Corporation PA13.03
operating table headrest PA13.03 Mediland Enterprise Corporation

The Horseshoe Headrest secures the patient’s head in either prone or supine...

Mediland Enterprise Corporation PA33.01
operating table headrest (ophthalmic surgery) PA33.01 Mediland Enterprise Corporation

This headrest is suitable for use in ophthalmic and plastic procedures that...

Mediland Enterprise Corporation PA33.02
operating table headrest (ophthalmic surgery) PA33.02 Mediland Enterprise Corporation

This Headrest for Plastic Operation fits into the table’s standard headrest area and is...

Mediland Enterprise Corporation PA33.03
operating table headrest (ophthalmic surgery) PA33.03 Mediland Enterprise Corporation

The headrest of the device facilitates plastic operation. Accommodating into the standard...

Allen Medical Systems  C-Flex®
operating table skull clamp C-Flex® Allen Medical Systems

New handles makes adjustments easy…just squeeze and position. This modular system can be used in all types...

2 products ÜZÜMCÜ
2 products Micromar
3 products akrus
3 products Anetic Aid
3 products BARRFAB
2 products Biomatrix
1 products Herbert
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