hospital cabinet / with shelf / 1-door / with hinged door
hospital cabinet

Cabinet made of stainless steel 1.4301, with single wing door. The door can be left or right-opened and has an ergoomic handle. It is possible to have a door ...

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Nebropath GmbH
hospital cabinet / with shelf / 1-door / stainless steel
hospital cabinet

Specifications Completely Made Of Stainless Steel 304 Grade # 4 Finish Sheets & Tubes Door With Locks & Keys Knob On Door Inner Shelf Wall Mounting Type with First Aid Sticker

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Eagle Star Metallic
storage cabinet / for dental instruments / for dental clinics / with sink
storage cabinet

Item Dental Cabinet Article Number "Fire" series (1Meter) Certification ISO9001:2000 Approved Purpose This unit be used in dental clinic or hospital. Description Dimension: W1000*D490*850(mm) Top ...

storage cupboard / bedpan / hospital / 1-door
storage cupboard

Sluice sinks for emptying bedpans and urinals, cupboards and shelves for drip-drying and storage, shelves and shelving units for storing consumables: these are the specific furnishing elements provided for. All kinds ...

hospital cabinet / 2-door / 1-door
hospital cabinet

Our free-standing cabinets are built to last and come completely built, no assembly required.

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Med-Care Manufacturing
flammable liquid cabinet / hospital / with shelf / 1-door
flammable liquid cabinet

... 74R5441N Flammable Liquids Safety Storage Cabinet conforms to NFPA Fire Code 30 and OSHA Standards. All welded 18 gauge, double wall construction with 1-1/2 inch of insulating air space. ...

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Lyon Workspace Products
medicine cabinet / hospital / with shelf / 1-door
medicine cabinet

D 2424 Cabinet Single Glass Door has a five height adjustable glass shelves. Lockable one glass door. Electrostatic powder coated solid metal body. Metal tube legs with plastic stoppers ...

consumable cabinet / for dental clinics / 1-door / wall-mounted
consumable cabinet
96V8, ONE5x series

ONE53. Wall hygiene unit (W=100cm) with distributors for cups, aprons, double gloves, napkins, saliva-ejectors and cannulas

security cabinet / radioactive isotope / waste / hospital
security cabinet
5520-00401, 5520-00404

... diameter stainless steel lined port, a ½” thick lead shielded lid in the work surface and a 19 gallon sharps container, this cabinet is an efficient addition to your work area. Specifications Four stainless steel ...

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medical device cabinet / hospital / with tray / 1-door
medical device cabinet

This Vista Base Cabinet from Sunflower Medical has a 51.5cm wide base unit with top, 5 single and 1 double depth clear trays. The cabinets provide an ideal solution for storing clinical ...

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Sunflower Medical
patient room cabinet / with clothes rack / 1-door
patient room cabinet

The Attenda Wardrobe cabinet is made of advanced construction for intensive-use applications in critical environments. It is molded with high-impact polymer and then filled with rigid structural foam ...

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hospital cabinet / 1-door
hospital cabinet

Eliminates stock outs - Easy location of goods • Stylish cabinets, perfect for high volume storage • Available free standing or wall fixed • Can be integrated as part of a fitted system • Interiors have Medstor ...

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medicine cabinet / hospital / 1-door / wall-mounted
medicine cabinet

Made of solid white plastic kind. The cupboard is used as a central First Aid site and filling depot for other first aid equipment. Measure: 33x44x15 cm 91164 C

1-door wardrobe
1-door wardrobe

They are supplied with wheels (size according to customer requirements), the lower protective sheet?Handles towel and lock. Material: laminated chipboard or MDF – the color combination possible. W x D x H295 x 600 x 1800mm

dirty linen cabinet / for clean rooms / 1-door / stainless steel
dirty linen cabinet

Designed with flap at the top for easy disposal of soiled garments. Door with latch enables easy collection of soiled garments by cleaning contractor. Available with flat or sloping roof. An essential edition to all gowning ...

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Palbam Class
medicine cabinet / hospital / 1-door
medicine cabinet

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Kenmak Hospital Furnitures
clean linen cabinet / 1-door / with clothes rack
clean linen cabinet

Wardrobe 600 width W.600 X D.570 X H.1840 1 Door - 4 metal feet Totally for hangers AB912T1/600 Totally equipped with shelves AB912T2/600 1/2 equipped ...

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storage cabinet / for linen / doctor's office / locker room
storage cabinet

linen cabinet / patient room / locker room / 1-door
linen cabinet
DC 101

laboratory cabinet / 3-drawer / 1-door
laboratory cabinet
UCFS 86.50.86 ME-D0DR3, UCFS 146.50.86 ME-D0DR3

Underbench cabinet free standing with one-door and 3 drawers (UCFS DODR3) Cabinets with drawers are equipped with central lock.

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medicine cabinet / hospital / 1-door
medicine cabinet
STM - 3221

One glass door Electrostatic Epoxy powder coated Size: 185*60*41 cm

wardrobe with shelf / 1-door
wardrobe with shelf

Durable-smooth wooden laminate surface Hanging rail Upper and lower shelves Multialternative color options

medicine cabinet / hospital / 1-door / wall-mounted
medicine cabinet
AB.46.000P, AB.60.000P

The epoxy enamelled steel structure includes door with lock-key and two interior shelves.

warming cabinet / security / laboratory / with shelf
warming cabinet
warming center II DTM

Technical progress in the use of warmth for the prevention of hypothermia. The Barkey warming center III DTM heating cabinet has been specially developed for the pre-warming of infusions, blankets and cloths - e.g. ...

doctor's office cabinet / with shelf / with drawer / 1-door
doctor's office cabinet

The UMF Medical 6105 Treatment Cabinet has one door and one drawer in the lower section, one lockable door with a glass pane in the upper section, a kydex work surface, a removable, non-adjustable ...