analysis software / data management / blood bank / for hospitals
analysis software

... Collection System facilitates business intelligence, timely troubleshooting and easy access to your procedural data. Now a software-based solution, the Cadence data collection system can be used with the Trima Accel® ...

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Terumo BCT
analysis software / data exchange / for bone densitometry
analysis software

... world-class enCORE software platform offers a wide range of clinical features for your bone and metabolic health diagnostic needs. For more than 44 years, we have continuously innovated ...

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GE Healthcare
management software / analysis / reporting / for equipment control
management software

LabX® software brings power to your lab bench with automated data handling, high process security and full SOP user guidance. Moreoever, LabX can be connected to different laboratory instruments, which can be accessed ...

data management software / analysis / control / training
data management software

... Spectrometry. Users can leverage software familiarity across techniques. Designed for workflow, scalability, compliance and data management, Qtegra ISDS Software provides essential tools for consistent, ...

analysis software / acquisition / test
analysis software

... Together with Bruker Compass® TASQ™ 2.0 software, both targeted validation and untargeted metabolomics experiments are supported. Double your level of insight by performing biochemical pathway-driven targeted analysis ...

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Bruker BioSpin
diagnostic software / visualization / analysis / stress test
diagnostic software
BTL CardioPoint-Ergo E600

The E600 stress-test software features numerous diagnostic innovations. Based on patient demographics, it can auto calculate maximum predicted load. The patient's test score can be evaluated with the ...

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BTL International
reporting software / analysis / for hospitals / web-based
reporting software

... algorithms. We have created it based on the experience gained in foreign medical facilities. Today we successfully introduce it to the Polish market. CGM OPTYMALIZATOR software is not similar to the ...

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analysis software / reporting / planning / printing
analysis software

OnDemand3D is the powerful software for displaying, assessment, presentation and documentation of 3D volume data of a DVTs deviceThe 3D diagnostics master classHigh-performance viewing softwareExtensive implant databaseOnDemand3D™ ...

analysis software / hospital
analysis software
Healthy Edge® Lite

Key Features Free Windows software from Tanita Compatible with all Tanita ANT+ scales Record analyze and graph data for up to 8 users Print color reports on standard copy paper

analysis software / spectrometry
analysis software

UVProbe is multifunctional, easy-to-use software supplied as standard with Shimadzu UV-VIS Spectrophotometers. When combined with CLASS-Agent, it provides powerful support for Part 11 compatibility. Features Measurement ...

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Shimadzu Europa Analytical Instruments
communication software / diagnostic / analysis / monitoring
communication software

... SoftwareHolter analysis softwareProduct number: 860292Philips Holter monitoring system has all the tools you need to record, analyze, diagnose, and communicate ECG data – quickly and accurately. This system of compact ...

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Philips Healthcare
control software / analysis / chromatography
control software

Supporting the operation of Chromaster modules. Inheriting the ease of use of the D-2000 Elite opereratability The Chromaster System Manager continues with the ease of use of D-2000 Elite which enjoys rave reviews for a long time. User ...

analysis software / planning / design / verification
analysis software

Attila4MC improves analysis productivity by providing MCNP® users with CAD integration, automated variance reductions, and a user-friendly interface. Through the intuitive Attila4MC GUI, analysts can now import geometry ...

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VAREX Imaging
analysis software / data management / clinical / oncology
analysis software

Make better-informed decisions for your oncology practice by optimizing data to work for you. Use InSightive™ analytics to maximize the value of your information by getting comprehensive, organized information delivered in a format that ...

analysis software / data management / reporting / sharing
analysis software

... modular capabilities Health Share proffers superior technology for application and data interoperability, for analytic s and analysis of unstructured data (such as the text in clinician notes), and for computerizing report, ...

analysis software / reporting / training / for cardiology
analysis software
opticare basic

... to the chip card. From the chip card they can be downloaded to the PC for review and documentation with the opticare basic software..

analysis software / visualization / training / for dental imaging
analysis software

... Progeny Vantage® Digital Panoramic System. Vantage Trust goes beyond a one-time, in-office training session to support the clinical staff and ensure the Vantage® panoramic system is being used properly and effectively. Easy ...

analysis software / management / surgical / operating room
analysis software
CuratOR Caliop

The constantly growing number of medical devices and equipment used in the OR is a major challenge for OR and nursing staff. This is because, even in stressful situations, they have to be able to operate the equipment ...

sample analysis software / laboratory
sample analysis software
Progenesis® QI

... support for all common vendor data formats and a highly-intuitive menu-guided workflow, Progenesis QI software helps to overcome your data analysis challenges, enabling you to rapidly, objectively and ...

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Waters Ges.m.b.H
image enhancement software / image capture / printing / for dental imaging
image enhancement software

CLINIVIEW™ is an easy-to-use imaging software with powerful tools for image capture, viewing, printing and storage, including a variety of image enhancement tools. Images can be imported or scanned from a wide range of ...

analysis software / visualization / for archiving / image capture
analysis software
NIS-Elements Ar

... imaging software solution covering image capture, archiving, and analysis. NIS-Elements AR was developed by Nikon for the most advanced levels of research—giving the user complete control of all microscope ...

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Nikon Instruments
image enhancement software / visualization / planning / image capture
image enhancement software

CLINIVIEW™ is an easy-to-use imaging software with powerful tools for image capture, viewing, printing and storage, including a variety of image enhancement tools. Images can be imported or scanned from a wide range of ...

image analysis software / control / acquisition / for digital microscopes
image analysis software

... from ZEISS. ZEN microscope software leads you simply and quickly to the result. At all times you see which options the system is making available to you and which step is appropriate to take next. Use ZEN imaging software ...

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Zeiss Microscopy
analysis software / reporting / control / for microplate readers
analysis software
SoftMax Pro 7

Transform your brilliant ideas into meaningful analyses. Use over 160 protocols with preconfigured assay parameters and analysis settings Run multitask kinetics with the workflow editor; drag and drop tasks ...

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Molecular Devices
data management software / analysis / visualization / for hematology
data management software
TEG Manager™

The TEG® 6s analyzer is a connected device, with multiple TEG 6s analyzers able to network via a user interface to TEG Manager. Data from multiple devices can be centralized, with remote access to any connected TEG 6s, no matter where ...