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Biochemistry analyzers
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automatic biochemistry analyzer - Biolyzer 300

The new Biolyzer 300 takes clinical chemistry automation a step further for low to mid-volume laboratories. With a speed of up to 270 tests per...

automatic biochemistry analyzer - Biolyzer 600

The Biolyzer 600 extends the Analyticon line of clinical-chemistry analyzers. With a throughput of 400 test per hour (up to 560 test per hour with ISE) the system is the ideal solution covering the demands of the medium sized laboratories or even the large laboratory...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / with ISE - 180 tests/h | Miura One

Up to 180 tests per hour
Capable of up to 120 photometric tests per hour, up to 180 tests per hour with ISE module on board, the Miura One is the best choice for smaller labs and doctors’ offices....

automatic biochemistry analyzer / with ISE - 360 tests/h | Miura 200

Fully-automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer up to 360 tests / hour with ISE module on board.
The New Miura 200 is the idea we have for a compact bench top random access fully automated analyzer
with the performance of higher class instruments.

The New Miura 200 is the solution for all kinds of...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / random access - 500 tests/h | Miura

Miura is a random access fully automated analyzer and is the right solution for all kinds of laboratories.

Miura is a sophisticated & user friendly solution.

The smart software interface, designed to be used in few steps and translated in several different languages, makes the Miura the logic choice for the laboratories all over the world.

Single arm or double...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / with ELISA analyzer - Trilogy

The triology is the combination of coagulation modules, ELISA and clinical chemistry. It is a multi-disciplinary instrument and is available globally. The clinical chemistry of the product includes spectrophotometric scanning...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / compact - HB1

Skyla™ HB1 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is a comprehensive transportable system has been particularly structured to perform medical tests with swift, dependable and high preciseness. The device encompasses with a portable analyzer and a panel of single-use...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / veterinary - VB1

The VB1 Veterinary Clinic Chemistry Analyzer is used for blood chemistry tests that ensure precise and reliable results. With a compact system design, the VB1 features an analyzer and disposable reagent disks. The reagent...

automatic biochemistry analyzer - 200 tests/h | NormaChem 200

NormaChem 200 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Fully automated
Random access
Benchtop, small footprint


automatic biochemistry analyzer / bench-top - Eon™100

The EON100 is a fully automated bench-top chemistry system, which combines a small footprint, cost efficient operation and the latest features to meet the needs of the...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / bench-top - Eon™300

The Eon family of clinical chemistry systems, comprising of the Eon 100 and Eon 300, represent the next generation in compact systems for the laboratory.

The Eon 300 is a fully automated bench-top system, which has been designed to meet the needs of...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / random access - SPIN640

The SPIN 640 clinical chemistry analyzer features the greatest turnaround time among the SPINREACT...

automatic biochemistry analyzer - SPIN200E

The SPIN640 boasts 40 reagent positions and can produce...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / with ISE - SPIN120

The SPIN 129 is a fully automated chemical analyzer that can perform up to 100...

automatic biochemistry analyzer - SPINTECH 240

This automatic analyzer offers single-line random access and multi-test...

automatic biochemistry analyzer - SPINLAB 100

The SPINLAB 100 is a clinical chemistry analyzer that can perform up to 100 tests per...

automatic biochemistry analyzer - BA-2018G

Wavelength Range 340nm~750nm
Measurement Range 0.001~3.000Abs

automatic biochemistry analyzer - 90 tests/h | Xact

Up to 90 tests / hour
Touch screen...

automatic biochemistry analyzer - 250 tests/h | BT 1500

Up to 250 tests / hour
Patented Solid State...

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