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automatic biochemistry analyzer - Biolyzer 300

The new Biolyzer 300 takes clinical chemistry automation a step further for low to mid-volume laboratories. With a speed of up to 270 tests per...

automatic biochemistry analyzer - Biolyzer 600

The Biolyzer 600 extends the Analyticon line of clinical-chemistry analyzers. With a throughput of 400 test per hour (up to 560 test per hour with ISE) the system is the ideal solution covering the demands of the medium sized laboratories or even the large laboratory...

automatic biochemistry analyzer - BT 1000 doa



automatic biochemistry analyzer - BT 1500

*Throughput: Up to 250 Tests/Hr

*ISE module on board: Not available

*Number of Reagents: 48 Total - 24 using 50 ml vessel - 24 using 10 or 20 ml vessel

*Refrigerated reagent bay: Yes

*Reaction volume: From 180 to 400 µl

*Reading Cuvettes: 32 non-disposable optical glass

*Sample volume: From 1,8 to 100 µl


automatic biochemistry analyzer - 300 tests/h | BT 3000 PLUS

The experience reached with the analyser BT3000 Plus, one of the most famous and diffused analysers for clinical chemistry in the world, have produced his/her logic evolution:

The point of reference for the future in the modern laboratory of clinical analysis.The Know how thirty-year of the Biotecnica Instruments SpA matured in the sector, has allowed the...

automatic biochemistry analyzer - 450 tests/h | BT 4500

The BT4500 is a new floor model Clinical Chemistry that includes a built-in...

automatic biochemistry analyzer - 120 tests/h | KENZA 120 TX

The Kenza 120 TX is a biochemistry analyser that works for analysing materials in labs. This product from Biolabo is made with a simple design and uses a reagent...

automatic biochemistry analyzer - 240 tests/h | KENZA 240 TX

Kenza 240 TX has a kenza 240 tx has a reagent tray 30 to 60 independent positions and cooled reagent tray, even when the instrument is off reagent level sensor. It has Up to 240 tests per hour and first results later 4 minutes.


automatic biochemistry analyzer / compact - HB1

Skyla™ HB1 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is a comprehensive transportable system has been particularly structured to perform medical tests with swift, dependable and high preciseness. The device encompasses with a portable analyzer and a panel of single-use...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / veterinary - VB1

The VB1 Veterinary Clinic Chemistry Analyzer is used for blood chemistry tests that ensure precise and reliable results. With a compact system design, the VB1 features an analyzer and disposable reagent disks. The reagent...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / with ELISA analyzer - Trilogy

The triology is the combination of coagulation modules, ELISA and clinical chemistry. It is a multi-disciplinary instrument and is available globally. The clinical chemistry of the product includes spectrophotometric scanning...

automatic biochemistry analyzer - FULLY

This unique product is made with a design that's easy to use and can handle hundreds of tests. This analyser is made to keep functions ready without requiring too much maintenance and to keep operating costs from being a real...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / random access - VENUS

Accuracy, reliability, simplicity, and completion are all the requirements that are met through this innovative technology. The VENUS is a revolutionary design that is a completed and...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / compact - FARMASCREEN

The Farmascreen offers innovative technology that’s simple to use, accurate, and reliable. This is an automated capillary blood system that’s a complete analyzer. It is designed to meet the needs of pharmacies...

automatic biochemistry analyzer - FULLY SMART

The Fully Smart is an automated clinical chemistry analyzer. Using innovative technology, this...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / veterinary - FULLY VET

FULLY VET is an automated clinical chemistry analyzer dedicated to Veterinary Diagnostic. Its innovative technology and friendly use meet all requirements of simplicity, reliability,...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / with ELISA analyzer - CHEMWELL 2910

ChemWell® is a completely open system that is easy to program. Set up assays, routine jobs, quality control, panels, and even index calculations to suit your laboratory. With a completely open system you can program additional wash...

automatic biochemistry analyzer - CHEMWELL 2902

ChemWell® is a completely open system that is easy to program. Set up assays, routine jobs, quality control, panels, and even index calculations to suit your...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / random access - SATURNO 100

The Saturno 100 is the smallest member of the Saturno family of clinical chemistry analyzers. This bench-top unit can be put to good use in both clinical...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / random access - SATURNO 150

The Crony's “SATURNO 150”Chemistry Analyzer provides reading for all samples in STATS. This provides the end user with the desired results and needs. The Saturno 150” has been designed to carry out daily operations...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / random access - SATURNO 180

The product provides high quality, accuracy, robustness, low maintenance and low operating cost. The product is a compact instrument which includes high features. The product is an automatic...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / random access - SATURNO 300 PLUS

Saturno 300 plus is the Clinical Chemistry Analyzer where every patient is a STAT. This perfect Random approach Analyzer runs for 24 hours duty for your daily routine.
This device has many new...

automatic biochemistry analyzer / veterinary / random access - SATURNO 100VET

Saturno 100 Vet is considered as a latest jewel of a Clinical Chemistry Analyzer due to its superior efficiency and versatility. The smallest, compact, fast, versatile bench top analyzer is a result of over over 50 years or vigorous experience...

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