biopsy needle
biopsy needle

* Enables 1cm – 2cm Sample Collection * Ergonomic Design

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Egemen International
biopsy needle / automatic
biopsy needle

Automatic Biopsy Needle Perfect imaging of the needle tip under ultrasound; Two firing modes accommodate various tissue biopsy needs; Spring-loaded high velocity ...

cytological biopsy needle / anesthesia / Chiba
cytological biopsy needle

Chiba tip, disposable needle. Chiba tip disposable needle used for cytological aspiration and local anaesthesia administration. The needle cannula is centimeter marked in order to make ...

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brain biopsy needle
brain biopsy needle

The biopsy needles are used to remove a sample of brain tissue under stereotactic conditions Class III, CE mark certified by the notified body LNE/G-MED 0459

prostate biopsy needle / automatic / biopsy gun
prostate biopsy needle

Automatic biopsy needle Used to take a biopsy from prostate only. Amecath automatic biopsy gun needle is a true-cut type biopsy needle ...

histological biopsy needle / Menghini / hypodermic
histological biopsy needle
HEPASYS series

The first liver biopsy has been performed by Adolf Bingel in the year 1923. Since then, biopsy needles started to be fully developed and in the year 1938. Irving Silverman developed a ...

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Zamar Biopsy
biopsy needle / security
biopsy needle

The Mallarme Needle features: Triple sharpened tip.. for an efficient and non-traumatic biopsy, Ergonomic handle.. provides an excellent grip and easy handling, Female Luer Lock…ensures secure ...

puncture needle / biopsy / semi-automatic / automatic
puncture needle

The innovation in accurate biopsy. UROMED Biopsy Device für biopsy and soft tissue sampling high spring tension for powerful puncture and optimized tissue samples triggers ...

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biopsy needle
biopsy needle
112595, 112594

• coaxial needles can be used as a coaxial guide for biopsy guns • available in different lenghts and gauge sizes

biopsy needle / ovocytarian puncture
biopsy needle

Labotect ovarian biopsy needles and sets are developed for medical use in the field of assisted reproduction. Advantages: Needles and sets for follicular puncture Facet bevel ...