oropharyngeal cannula / Guedel
oropharyngeal cannula

Clear the way for oral airwaysOur wide array of single-use oral (oropharyngeal) airways accommodate ages from infant to adult, with styles including Berman and Guedel. Guedel airways are colour-coded by size for easy identification. Individually ...

biopsy cannula
biopsy cannula
Core Biopsy Puncture Sheath V

Puncture cannula Somacore Verify and Somacore Verify S biopsy instruments.

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SOMATEX® Medical Technologies GmbH
injection cannula
injection cannula
Extra-Spike® Plus

Withdrawal cannula for multiple withdrawal from stock bottles and for supplementary injections, safe and handy Slim, short spike for easy piercing of stronger stoppers Easy opening and closing with one hand ...

irrigation cannula / aspirating / laparoscopic / rigid
irrigation cannula
92603, 92603-33

Product Description 3.5mm x 33cm Reusable Suction Irrigator.All instruments feature full 360° rotation, monopolar post and flush port for cleaning.Light-weight, non-conductive handles are made from durable composite material.

Guedel cannula
Guedel cannula

The Guedel Airway Management Kit features a reinforced bite block with a sizeable flange. This flange curves gently to follows the tongue contours. The suction tube can be inserted through the Guedel Airway should suction be required. Offered ...

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GaleMed Corporation
tracheostomy cannula / curved
tracheostomy cannula

Fenestrated Cuffed Tube Smooth fenestration with no sharp edges located just 1mm from the cuff to prevent fenestration contact with the tracheal mucosa. Available in sizes: 4,6,8, and 10 Fenestrated Uncuffed Tube Allows for assessment ...

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dental suction cannula / flexible / autoclavable
dental suction cannula

Autoclavable • Sturdy and flexible • Choice of sizes for a variety of aspirator and valve diameters Sizes: 1.0mm 1.5mm 3.0mm

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Vista Dental Products
aspirating cannula / Yankauer / curved
aspirating cannula

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ear suction cannula / curved
ear suction cannula

6" Eicken Wash Cannula Curved, 3mm, with Finger Cutoff Surname Eicken Length 6" Material Stainless Steel Disposable or Reusable Reusable Sterile or Non-Sterile Non-Sterile Latex or Latex-Free Latex-Free Grade Premium OR-Grade

endometrial biopsy cannula / straight
endometrial biopsy cannula

GYNEBIOPS® STANDARD MODEL CH 9 used for micro-aspiration of endometrial cells.

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aspirating cannula / Frazier / curved
aspirating cannula

surgery cannula / aspirating / flexible
surgery cannula
Scopis® EM

Navigated Suction Tube, EM Suction tube 2,7 mm for navigation and suction at the same time. Bendable design for sinus surgery.

irrigation cannula / aspirating / laparoscopic
irrigation cannula
BioVac® BX0071151x series

Known as ’super suction for your endoscope’, the BioVac® device offers superior suction power and volume during the evacuation of gelatinous materials from the GI tract. Designed to suction hard-to-remove, viscous materials* which may ...

tracheostomy cannula / flexible
tracheostomy cannula

Optimally humidified gas is delivered directly into the tracheostomy, minimising discomfort around the tracheostomy site Lightweight and extremely flexible interface tube Lanyard designed to take the weight of the circuit ...

aspirating cannula / curved
aspirating cannula

Throat Aspirator Ref.: 708810 High quality chrome-plated brass instrument with hexagonal mount and removable tip for cleaning.

surgery cannula / radiofrequency
surgery cannula

... cost-effective RF Cannula for use with thermocouple (TC) electrodes. Each RF cannula’s insulation is tapered at the tip for easy insertion and maneuvering. Siliconized insulation (white) offers enhanced ...

nasopharyngeal cannula / disposable / curved
nasopharyngeal cannula

Stays in situ without the need for ribbons or safety pins. The Marshall Airway Nasopharyngeal (MAN®) has a unique rectangular flange that sits comfortably for the patient and ensures the device cannot be inhaled. Key Features Nasopharyngeal ...

aspirating cannula
aspirating cannula

Our Biofill system has been designed particularly for harvesting small volumes of autologous fat. Biofilling is the procedure of harvesting small adipose tissue volumes for lipofi lling using water-jet assisted liposuction and autologous ...

aspirating cannula / mortuary aspiration
aspirating cannula

A uniquely designed aspirator for completely draining the cavities. The design provides a large head surface that is multi-vented. It is invaluable where large quantities of liquid and body fluids have to be removed. The head may be detached ...

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Embalmers Supply Company
biopsy cannula / disposable
biopsy cannula

... excellent core samples with few crusch artifacts Successfully sample somewhat sclerotic lesions Secure sample in biopsy cannula during retrieval using Core Lock

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Guedel cannula / disposable
Guedel cannula

The VBM Guedel Airway is significantly different to common Guedel type airways and offers various advantages: Manufactured from one piece Hard biteblock is external and therefore guarantees largest possible lumen without stricture Soft ...

aortic cannula / pediatric
aortic cannula
TK00 54

Indication Paediatric Aortic Cannulas are used on children. They are used for the aortic reinjection of blood during cardiac interventions. They are located through an incision in the aorta and held by making a “purse” ...

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intubation cannula / Guedel
intubation cannula

Guedel tubes with colour-coded bite block Made from medical plastic, semi-transparent, with colour-coded bite blocks. Complete range of sizes available (000 to 6). Individual sterile packaging (EO) Latex-free Shelf life: 5 years

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Asid Bonz
liposuction cannula / tumescent liposuction infusion / lipofilling
liposuction cannula

irrigation cannula / rigid
irrigation cannula

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Erbrich Instrumente