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Central monitoring stations
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central monitoring station - Smartsigns CentralView

The Smartsigns CentralView is a hi-tech monitoring system which is capable of monitoring 16 beds at any one time. This powerful platform has a large flat panel...

fetal central monitoring station - Sonicaid Centrale

The Sonicaid Centrale offers remote viewing of CTGs in real-time and automatic archiving when used in standard configuration. When it’s fully loaded, it provides a huge networked labor management...

central monitoring station - Hypervisor VI

HYPERVISOR VI Central Monitoring System uses Microsoft Windows platform to give hospitals the ability to monitor 32 to 64 patients through one Central Monitoring Station. It is designed to address LAN, wireless LAN and Telemetry networking so...

central monitoring station - CNS-6201

The CNS-6201 central monitor provides a complete flexible, effective and central monitoring process. It also provides reviews regarding the LS-NET patient monitoring network....

central monitoring station - CNS-9601

The CNS-9601 gives the solution to typical complaints about central monitoring systems. It is easy and quick to operate with its touch...

central monitoring station - WEP-5204, WEP-5208

This machine is Japan's current best sellling telemetry central monitor. This machine is catered to be used by nurses. It is excellent for the step-down unit, CCU, ICU, ER, cardiac rehabilitation and the general...

central monitoring station - Xhibit

The XHIBIT is a new multi-screen central station that offers good performance and scalability....

central monitoring station - Ultraview SL2900

The device, Ultraview SL2900 is used for maximum possible acuity in clinics. The device comes with two display screens to facilitate the real-time scenario of physiologic wave forms and alarms. This wide dual display...

central monitoring station - Ultraview SL3900

The Ultraview SL3900 is a central monitoring system combined with a workstation performance suitable for the highest acuity environments. A full-screen view of real-time physiologic waveforms...

central monitoring station - DS-7700

The DYNASCOPE Central Monitor DS-7700 is a new and friendly system that can be used...

central monitoring station - Hypervisor VI

The Hypervisor VI CMS is a centralized viewing station used for the purpose of monitoring patients in single and multiple departments. The network includes Telemetry, VS-800, PM-8000 Express,...

fetal central monitoring station - FetaLink™

Introducing FetaLink, a fetal and maternal monitoring system that allows data flow from medical devices in order to mediates the clinician’s display needs in critical and outpatient environments. It helps in documentation and provides a graphic image of...

central monitoring station - Acuity®

Acuity Central Station presents flexible Monitoring. Welch Allyn’s advanced patient monitors work well in lower cost settings as it instantly converts no monitored beds into centrally monitored beds. The Acuity Central Station is a smart...

central monitoring station - Acuity® LT

The Mobile Acuity® LT Central Station is designed to allow emergency caregivers set up central station monitoring services whenever and wherever required. In response to emergency situations it can be immediately set-up on site....

central monitoring station - Acuity® LT

Acuity® LT is an affordable, self-contained, self-deployable central monitoring solution.
It is used in conjunction with Welch Allyn’s Propaq® series and Micropaq® ambulatory monitors.
It offers continuous monitoring...

fetal central monitoring station -

Central fetal monitoring station system is used to connect all the fetal monitors in delivery room, labor room and clinic. With this device, monitoring numerous pregnant women with the central main unit during whole parturition is easy. It can reduce costs...

central monitoring station - 2800

Capable of connecting 8,12,16,24,32units patient monitor simultaneously

◆ Multi-display modes on dual , single or emphasis display
◆ Complete solution for Wired, Wireless or mixture networking

central monitoring station - UCS - 1000

The UCS 1000 Central Station combines the data from patient monitors...

fetal central monitoring station - FC Central II

Superior Advantages

- Can connect up to 16 devices (LAN Only)

- Wired & Wireless connection supported
FetalXP : LAN...

central monitoring station - BM Central

Superior Advantages
Wired connect up to...

central monitoring station - Surveyor™ Review

The Surveyor Telemetry Central Data Online Review Network with administrator-authorized permissions for remote reviewing in progress of patient monitoring. With just a simple click...

central monitoring station - Surveyor™ Central

Surveyor™ Telemetry Central System has a surveyor telemetry central system facilitates continuous 12 lead ECG monitoring and trending using the veritas ECG algorithm. It is 12 lead Telemetry Monitoring With the Mortara X12+ and T12S transmitters.

HL7 Interface for Hospital Information Systems...

central monitoring station - YM9000 EMC

Patient Data Display
Patient monitoring data are viewed on the main screen and in more detail in patient windows.
The main screen displays real-time waveforms, numeric information, and alarms for up to 16 patients.

central monitoring station - YM9000 SMC

Patient Data Display
Patient monitoring data are viewed on the main screen and in more detail in patient windows.
The main screen displays real-time waveforms, numeric information, and alarms for up to 16 patients.
The main screen waves and parameters...

central monitoring station - YM9000

16 patients network
Main screen displays real time waves and parameters for up to 16 patients.

Real time & Stored data
Patient windows display detailed real time or stored data for patients' individual care.


central monitoring station - SC60

Connectable to up to 66 bedside units at anyone time, with seamless networking...

fetal central monitoring station - JPD-300K


Probe:Solid and durable,anti-shock and anti-falling down
Patent:Special fetus awaking function within FHR probe
Three to one design:Special three to one design...

central monitoring station - AV-CM

Central Monitoring System
[Model : AV-CM]

Feature set
• Dual-direction communication and unique control by the central unit on the bedside monitor
• Advanced user-friendly central monitoring software embedded on Windows platform
• English interface. By selecting 1-32 monitoring beds, allow users to observe the monitoring waveforms of the beds...

central monitoring station - CMS-70NT

⊕ Monitor Beds: Maxim 64 monitors can be monitored simultaneously.

central monitoring station - FM-800A

Introduction :
● Standard Ethernet network, TCP/IP Protocols, RJ45 net socket
● Real time managing the information of up to 255 bedside monitors at the same time

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