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2 products Tomey
Tomey TMS-4
TMS-4 Tomey

This plug-and-play software-aided equipment helps in eye diagnosis. It facilitates...

Tomey RT-7000
Automatic refractometer automatic keratometer and RT-7000 Tomey

The product measures Pupil and Cornea and has auto...

2 products NIDEK
Wavefront aberrometer automatic refractometer automatic keratometer pupillometer and pupillograph OPD-SCAN III NIDEK

OPD SCAN III is a refractive surgery system brought out by NIDEK. The main features are: It is five-in-one refractive...


The product is the first plug and play Corneal Topographer. Using a USB port, the Magellan Mapper can be connected to any Notebook or Desktop Computer having Windows 2000 or XP and NIDEK’s Corneal...

Essilor instruments AKR Cornea 500
Automatic refractometer automatic keratometer and AKR Cornea 500 Essilor instruments

This rotary prism technology offers high-precision objective refraction. Its design allows for it...

video Topcon Europe Medical CA-200F
And pupillometer CA-200F Topcon Europe Medical

The Topcon CA-200F Corneal Analyzer is an easy-to-use device which offers a complete solution for a full analysis and diagnostic evaluation of the anterior corneal surface. It has comprehensive software...

Topcon Europe Medical KR-1W
Wavefront aberrometer automatic refractometer keratometer and pupillometer KR-1W Topcon Europe Medical

The Topcon KR-1W is the sole wavefront and topography system that has both diagnostic and refractive capabilities. It can be utilized for wavefront aberration, pupillometry, corneal...

Topcon Europe Medical KR-8100P
Automatic refractometer automatic keratometer and KR-8100P Topcon Europe Medical

Topcon KR-8100P provides accurate objective refraction, central & peripheral keratometry, as well corneal topography. For corneal topography purposes dedicated software is available...

video Topcon Europe Medical ALADDIN
And ophthalmic optical biometer ALADDIN Topcon Europe Medical

One of the most routine and accurate operative procedures performed around the world is known as Cataract Surgery. There are very high expectations not only from the patients themselves but also from...

CSO Costruzione Strumenti Oftalmici SIRIUS
SIRIUS CSO Costruzione Strumenti Oftalmici

The device is an outstanding combination of Placido disk and rotating Scheimpfl ug camera permitting analysis of whole cornea and anterior segment. Turnkey guided acquisition system is embedded in equipment...

1 products Shin-Nippon
Shin-Nippon CT-1000
CT-1000 Shin-Nippon

Overview Measuring image Placido head 20rings and6292 measuring points. Maximum measuring area10.6mm in 43Dipter. Measuring...

4 products OPTIKON
And pupillometer KERATRON OPTIKON

Curvature, elevation and aberration maps 90% of corneal surface coverage Infrared pupillometry Contact...


Keratron Scout, Slit Lamp: Fits on any slit lamp to achieve optimal stability and patient alignment. Keratron Scout, Portable: Equipped with head rest and battery power supply module. Keratron Scout,...


Highest accuracy in corneal maps Elevatlon maps Differential curvatures and elevation maps 3D maps Corneal aberrations Contacs lens simulation CL Analyzing Kit Transportability Keratokonus...

Pupillometer and aberrometer KERATRON ONDA OPTIKON

Keratron "Arc-Step" topographic accuracy Refraction range from -20D...

2 products Oculus
Oculus Keratograph
And keratometer Keratograph Oculus

The special feature of the Keratograph is the combination of keratometric and corneal topography measurement Extraordinarily high resolution of the cornea due to 22.000 measuring points Digital...

Oculus Easygraph
And keratometer Easygraph Oculus

Combination of Corneal Topographer and built in Keratometer Extremely high resolution (22.000 measuring points) and digital image transmission Short measuring time-fraction of seconds guarantees...

1 products S4Optiks
S4Optiks MODI 02
MODI 02 S4Optiks

Product Features Effortless image acquisition Powerful, intuitive software The...

Optopol Technology PCT 200
And keratometer PCT 200 Optopol Technology

A new standard in corneal topography has been developed as combination of innovative technical solutions with advanced digital image analysis methods. PCT200 is a compact...

Optopol Technology PCT 110
And keratometer PCT 110 Optopol Technology

Thanks to advanced digital image analysis methods a new standard in corneal topography has been developed. The device is fully automatic. There is no need to manually align position...

1 products Medmont
Medmont E300
And keratometer E300 Medmont

Advanced Topography The E300 Advantage - Largest Coverage of Any Placido Ring Topographer, Featuring the TCC Algorithm, Providing Full Limbus to Limbus Coverage - Exceptional Accuracy with a Standard...

Tianjin Suowei Electronic Technology SW-6000
And keratometer SW-6000 Tianjin Suowei Electronic Technology

Measuring method: Placido cone Coverage:10.91mm(Diameter) Measuring range for curvature radius: 5.5mm-10.0mm Diopter range: 33.75D-61.36D Precision:...

1 products i-Optics
i-Optics Cassini
And keratometer Cassini i-Optics

Cassini – better for your patients Cassini is a first-of-its-kind anterior segment ocular diagnostic device based on Color LED Technology. It enables superior diagnosis for corneal astigmatism,...

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