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1 products Sorin
Sorin 200-120
Vascular 200-120 Sorin

The Vascular Dilator Kit was designed to aid vascular insertion of a catheter...

11 products COOK Medical
COOK Medical 45 cm
Vascular 45 cm COOK Medical

The product is used in advance of catheter introduction, for performing fascial tissue tract and vessel dilation....

COOK Medical 200 cm | Cotton®
Pancreatic and biliary dilatation catheter 200 cm | Cotton® COOK Medical

The pancreatic and biliary dilatation catheter is easy to use and flexible, it is...

COOK Medical 200 cm | Fusion®
Biliary dilatation catheter 200 cm | Fusion® COOK Medical

This catheter is used to dilate biliary strictures. It is designed for only...

COOK Medical 180 cm | Fusion®
Biliary dilatation balloon catheter 180 cm | Fusion® COOK Medical

180 cm Fusion is a biliary dilatation balloon...

COOK Medical 190 cm | Fusion® Titan™
Biliary dilatation balloon catheter 190 cm | Fusion® Titan™ COOK Medical

This is used for dilating structures in the biliary...

13 products Medgyn Products
Medgyn Products 030779
Metal cervical 030779 Medgyn Products

MedGyns German Stainless Steel dilators provide smooth, easy dilation of the cervix. MedGyn...

Medgyn Products Laminaria
Laminaria cervical Laminaria Medgyn Products

Laminaria, a cervical dilator made from a sea-grown plant is one of the most sought...

Medgyn Products 022731, 022731-12
Plastic cervical 022731, 022731-12 Medgyn Products

This is MedGyn’s 022731 Disposable Os Finder (50/pk). Ideal...

Medgyn Products 051001, 051004
Plastic vaginal 051001, 051004 Medgyn Products

MedGyn carries a complete line of high quality Vaginal Dilators. Additional...

Medgyn Products 030841, 030844
Hegar cervical 030841, 030844 Medgyn Products

MedGyns German Stainless Steel dilators provide smooth, easy dilation of the cervix. MedGyn manufactures a wide array of dilators with superior quality and innovative features that are unmatched. Additional...

1 products Mediplus
Urethral Mediplus

The MEDIPLUS meatal dilator is designed to allow the patient to dilate a Mitrofanoff stoma or external urethral meatus...

4 products Endo-Flex
2 products OptiMed
Ureteral OptiMed

The components are made of soft-polyethylene...

Vascular OptiMed

Dilators for Vessel Dilation Made of PTFE (Polytetraflourethylene)...

1 products Dispomedica
Vascular Dispomedica

Dilators finds application in cardiology,...

2 products luca
Nephrostomy luca

KEY FEATURES • Kit RN-790816: 5 dilators, radiopaque, with Luer lock connector, CH 8, 10, 12, 14,...

Ureteral luca

KEY FEATURES • Kit RN-790816: 5 dilators, radiopaque, with Luer lock connector, CH 8, 10, 12, 14,...

1 products Urotech
Suprapubic drainage Urotech

Suprapubic Bladder Puncture and Exchange Sets are available for standard and...

KLS Martin Group
Vascular KLS Martin Group

Specially modified: the...

4 products Medtronic
Medtronic NC Sprinter® RX
Dilatation balloon catheter NC Sprinter® RX Medtronic

The NC Sprinter RX Noncompliant Rapid Exchange Balloon Dilation catheter is designed for use during stent...

Medtronic NC Stormer® OTW
Dilatation balloon catheter NC Stormer® OTW Medtronic

When a balloon angioplasty has been performed it is often followed by stent implantation. It is of paramount importance that stent expansion...

Medtronic Sprinter® Legend RX
Dilatation balloon catheter Sprinter® Legend RX Medtronic

The Sprinter Legend RX Semicompliant Balloon Dilation Catheter works for coronary angioplasty procedures to control narrowed parts of a...

Medtronic Sprinter® OTW
Dilatation balloon catheter Sprinter® OTW Medtronic

The Sprinter Over-the-Wire Semicompliant Balloon Dilation Catheter uses a low tip profile and a strong rewrap design to make it sized properly so it can fit into a patient’s narrowed...

Abbott Vascular NC TREK
Coronary dilatation balloon catheter NC TREK Abbott Vascular

Built to Deliver in Challenging Cases State-of-the-art...

Abbott Vascular TREK & MINI TREK
Coronary dilatation balloon catheter TREK & MINI TREK Abbott Vascular

Introducing TREK, a revolutionary family of balloons, redesigned from tip to hub that...

Abbott Vascular VOYAGER NC
Coronary dilatation balloon catheter VOYAGER NC Abbott Vascular

The Power to Perform. VOYAGER NC is specifically designed for focused dilatation force in the toughest of cases*. Its superb deliverability and performance...

Abbott Vascular VOYAGER RX
Coronary dilatation balloon catheter VOYAGER RX Abbott Vascular

The evolution of deliverability. The VOYAGER RX Dilatation Catheter provides the foundation for successful treatment outcomes. It combines a low profile, tapered tip design with a low profile shaft,...

Abbott Vascular Rx Viatrac 14 Plus
Peripheral dilatation balloon catheter Rx Viatrac 14 Plus Abbott Vascular

Rapid Exchange with Superb Control The RX Viatrac 14 Plus Peripheral Dilatation Catheter features: *...

Wallach Surgical Devices
Plastic cervical Wallach Surgical Devices

From disposable specula to intrauterine...

4 products Cordis
Dilatation balloon catheter FIRE STAR® Cordis

The FIRE STAR® Dilatation Catheter’s design principles provide crossability along with precision for dilating...

Dilatation balloon catheter DURA STAR® Cordis

This high pressure balloon catheter system, the DURA STAR Dilatation Catheter allows for crossability and precision. It is used for dilatation of the portion of the coronary artery that is stenotic or...

Dilatation balloon catheter EMPIRA™, EMPIRA™ NC Cordis

The product, The EMPIRA™ and EMPIRA™ NC Balloon Catheters are the workhorse balloons which is designed with the innovative technology mainly used for the problematic interventions and a broad...

Dilatation balloon catheter POWERFLEX® Pro Cordis

POWERFLEX Pro PTA Catheter is a new addition to the Cordis Lower Extremity Solutions Portfolio. The device is designed to enhances the patient’s life and save limbs. POWERFLEX Pro PTA Dilatation Catheter...

Boston Scientific Quantum™ Maverick®
Dilatation balloon catheter Quantum™ Maverick® Boston Scientific

Quantum Maverick Balloon Catheter is an extraordinary device, structured to meet the requirements of interventional cardiologist in the drug-eluting world. This has been engineered with the amalgamation...

Boston Scientific Charger™
Dilatation balloon catheter Charger™ Boston Scientific

The Charger Balloon was made to give desired outcomes in routine cases, as well as difficult ones. This 0.035...

Boston Scientific Coyote™
Dilatation balloon catheter Coyote™ Boston Scientific

Bring your BTK to the next level with the super low profile Coyote Balloon Dilation Catheter! This device was created for a superior track and push, and...

Boston Scientific Mustang™
Dilatation balloon catheter Mustang™ Boston Scientific

The Mustang Balloon Catheter offers complete performance with only one balloon. It has strong dilatation, smaller sheath sizes, longer lengths and superb cross and track. With these...

Boston Scientific Sterling™ Monorail®
Dilatation balloon catheter Sterling™ Monorail® Boston Scientific

Difficulties of carotid, lower and renal extremity anatomy are overcome by Sterling Balloon Dilatation Catheter, by amalgamation of trackability and deliverability. Consequently, clinical versatility...

Boston Scientific NephroMax™
Balloon catheter (for nephrostomy tract dilatation) NephroMax™ Boston Scientific

This balloon dilatation catheter was designed to provide effective, uniform, radial dilatation of the nephrostomy tract and convenient placement of a working sheath. Capable of maintaining...

4 products Covidien
Covidien NanoCross™
Dilatation balloon catheter NanoCross™ Covidien

NanoCross™ .014 PTA Balloon Catheter with its robust design and CrossCoat™...

Covidien EverCross™
Dilatation balloon catheter EverCross™ Covidien

EverCross™ .035 PTA Balloon takes balloon technology to the next level. It is specially designed to optimize control, lesion...

Covidien PowerCross™
Dilatation balloon catheter PowerCross™ Covidien

Want to experience refined pushability? Experience PowerCross™, the next generation in PTA Balloon technology...

Covidien RapidCross™
Dilatation balloon catheter RapidCross™ Covidien

The RapidCross balloon offers superior performance with unmatched components. It is just not a coronary...

3 products Biotronik
Biotronik Passeo-35 HP
Peripheral dilatation drug eluting balloon catheter Passeo-35 HP Biotronik

This high-pressure balloon catheter, from Biotronik, has been engineered to specifically dilate resistant lesions in complex anatomy. Some of the features of...

Biotronik Passeo-18
Dilatation balloon catheter Passeo-18 Biotronik

Biotronik Passeo-18 angioplasty catheter is used for the treatment of lesions in the femoropopliteal segment up to 170mm in length. Its hydrophobic patchwork coated balloon...

Biotronik Passeo-14
Dilatation balloon catheter Passeo-14 Biotronik

The Passeo-14 is a balloon catheter that has been specifically designed to deliver superb lesion crossing. Its dedicated infrapopiteal design enables it to handle deep infrapopliteal lesions. It is equipped...

1 products Stryker
Threaded bone Stryker

The Threaded Dilator System from Stryker offers surgeons an exceptional choice for drilling osseous tunnels. Dilators provide compaction...

BrosMed Medical Apollo
Dilatation balloon catheter Apollo BrosMed Medical

Apollo is a truly non-compliance high pressure post-dilatation catheter which offers numerous features...

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