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The Vascular Dilator Kit was designed to aid vascular insertion of a catheter...


The product is used in advance of catheter introduction, for performing fascial tissue tract and vessel dilation....


Specially modified: the...


Laminaria, a cervical dilator made from a sea-grown plant is one of the most sought...

MedGyns German Stainless Steel dilators provide smooth, easy dilation of the cervix. MedGyn manufactures...


The MEDIPLUS meatal dilator is designed to allow the patient to dilate a Mitrofanoff stoma or external urethral meatus...


The Pelican Dilator is designed to gently dilate the cervix, most commonly for the introduction of an intra-uterine device.

The tapered Pelican...

The Clearprobe™ is a flexible, single-use, double-ended combined Sound-Dilator used for assessing the depth of the...


The EMBOSAFE valved, splittable sheath dilator, is the first valved introducer available for dialysis catheters. This valve reduces the risk of blood...


UROMED Fascial Dilator

Urological Dilator for the dilation of a fistula canal

overall radiopaque

Bougies for dilation of the urethra


Instrument for dilation of the anterior part of the urethra



Esophageal Dilator Set



Suprapubic Bladder Puncture and Exchange Sets are available for standard and...


Dilators finds application in cardiology,...

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