CO2 patient monitor / RESP / ECG / SpO2
CO2 patient monitor

Screen size: 12.1 in

The product features 12.1inch LCD display of 800x600 which is touchable. The device is configurable to 12 waveforms. It features 3ch ECG with optional 12ch EKG, SpO2, EtCo2, NIBP, 2IBP with optional 4IBP, ...

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Bionics Corporation
Oxy-CRG patient monitor / RESP / SpO2 / ECG
Oxy-CRG patient monitor

Screen size: 8.4 in

Features 13 Type Arrhythmic Analysis,Multi_Lead ECG Waveforms Display in Phase,Real time S_T segment analysis,pacemaker detection Drug calculation and titratiotable; Efficient resistance to interference ...

SpO2 patient monitor / NIBP / TEMP / ECG
SpO2 patient monitor

Screen size: 15 in

... high resolution color display 1 unit Multi-Parameter Module, 3 units optional Plug-and-play Modules Anti-jamming: defibrillation, electrosurgical unit, digital filter Arrhythmia analysis, ST segment analysis, pacemaker ...

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Shenzhen Adecon Technology
TEMP patient monitor / SpO2 / ECG / NIBP
TEMP patient monitor

Screen size: 8 in

... Portable use with Li ion battery Clear 8" color display HR derived from either ECG or SPO2 5 parameters: (ECG / SPO2 / blood pressure / temp. / respiration) Up to 720 hours ...

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BMV Technology
ECG patient monitor / intensive care / tabletop
ECG patient monitor

ECG patient monitor / ambulatory / wearable / wireless
ECG patient monitor

... BodyGuardian® Remote Monitoring System helps physicians see into their patients’ experience — the what and when — which helps them refine their care. The state-of-the-art, dual-component monitor offers ...

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ECG patient monitor / intensive care / portable / wireless
ECG patient monitor

... then provides a countdown to the impending ECG recording. Applications can be set up to take rhythm strips ranging from 30 seconds to one that is continuous. The heart monitor also displays ...

ECG patient monitor / emergency / portable
ECG patient monitor

... service Out-patient visits Pacemaker check-up The special features: The BIOSCOPE is easy to use. By integrated 3-point electrodes the ECG can be detected on the patient's chest. ...

ECG patient monitor / ambulatory / wearable / patch
ECG patient monitor
ZIO® XT Patch

... et al showed that 4 out of 5 patients who had worn a Holter monitor for 24 hours, and a ZIO® Patch for up to 14 days, preferred the ZIO® Patch. This study also showed a 57% greater diagnostic yield than ...

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iRhythm Technologies
ECG patient monitor / intensive care / wearable / wireless
ECG patient monitor

... array of possibilities for their use. Comprehensive and Contextual More measurements than any other biosensor. Single-Lead ECG Heart Rate Heart Rate Variability Respiratory Rate Skin Temperature Body Posture including ...

ECG patient monitor / temperature / CO2 / NIBP
ECG patient monitor
Jenny Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitoring for all patient groups (neonates, adults, children) IBP up to 4 channels NIBP SpO2 (Masimo) Temperature 2 channels CO2 (mainstream/sidestream) ECG (up to 12 leads) Printer

ECG patient monitor / clinical / implantable / continuous
ECG patient monitor
BioMonitor 2

BioMonitor 2 aids physicians seeking evidence of a patient’s suspected cardiac arrhythmia or unexplained syncope. The insertable cardiac remote monitor is designed to accurately detects arrhythmias. It ...

ECG patient monitor / respiratory frequency / temperature / cardiac output
ECG patient monitor

The CoVa™ Monitoring System 2 (CoVa™ 2) CoVa™ 2 is a low-cost, easy-to-use monitoring system featuring three primary components: Necklace (a body-worn sensor), Gateway, and Web-based System. The Necklace measures vital signs, complex ...