Electronic pipettes

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An electronic, or automatic pipette is used to draw up and dispense a very precise amount of a reagent. It employs a system of pistons to draw in and expel the liquid.


Medical laboratories favor such devices over classic, manual versions for sample preparation because of their accuracy and ease of use.


Multi-channel models are capable of filling several vessels simultaneously, ensuring great precision when carrying out certain repetitive tests.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the accuracy of the pipette.


- Very great precision
- Easy to use

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Sartorius Group 0.1 - 5 µL | ELINE® 730010
Electronic micropipette 0.1 - 5 µL | ELINE® 730010 Sartorius Group

The accuracy and precision of eLINE® 0.1-5 µl 730010 is proved with DC-motor...

Sartorius Group 0.2 - 10 µL | ELINE® 730320
Multichannel electronic micropipette 0.2 - 10 µL | ELINE® 730320 Sartorius Group

The 8 channel eLINE® electronic pipette is designed with the DC motor concept to provide optimal precision and accuracy. Being completely electronic ensures high ergonomics and...

Sartorius Group 10 - 300 µL | ELINE® 730361
Multichannel 10 - 300 µL | ELINE® 730361 Sartorius Group

The product is specially designed with concept of DC-motor to ensure effectiveness and accuracy. The device has fully electronic functions which confirm results without depending on user and large ergonomics...

Sartorius Group 5 - 120 µL | ELINE® 730440
Multichannel 5 - 120 µL | ELINE® 730440 Sartorius Group

With the eLINE® electronic pipette, you can expect proven precision and accuracy with the help of the DC-motor concept. The device is fully electronic, which guarantees high ergonomics to prevent...

Sartorius Group 50 - 1200 µL | ELINE® 730390
Multichannel 50 - 1200 µL | ELINE® 730390 Sartorius Group

The electronic Sartorius Biohit eLINE is a device with tested accuracy and precision with the concept of DC motor. This device comes with independent outcome and high ergonomics to avert RSI. It is a...

video Sartorius Group 0.1 - 5 mL | PICUS 735101
0.1 - 5 mL | PICUS 735101 Sartorius Group

The Picus electronic pipette is the smallest and the most lightweight of the electronic pipette projects from the recurring strain injury (RSI). It eases work in pipetting which is long-lasting. The ejection...

new Thermo Scientific E1-ClipTip™
Multichannel E1-ClipTip™ Thermo Scientific

E1-ClipTip™ Electronic Adjustable Tip Spacing Multichannel Equalizer Pipettes Perform sample transfers between virtually any tube, rack, microplate or horizontal gel box quickly and efficiently...

video Thermo Scientific Finnpipette™ Novus
Multichannel Finnpipette™ Novus Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific* Finnpipette Novus Multichannel Pipetter accelerates repetitive division of plates into microplates with 8-, 12- or 16-channel formats. Users can choose from a huge range of multichannel...

Thermo Scientific Matrix™
Multichannel Matrix™ Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific* Matrix Equalizer Electronic Multichannel Pipetter has adjustable tip spacing, which enables the user to shift multiple samples among any tube rack, microplate, and/or horizontal gel...

Dragon Laboratory Instruments  0.5 - 5000 μl | iPette
0.5 - 5000 μl | iPette Dragon Laboratory Instruments

DRAGONLAB will launch iPette Electronic Pipette that enable fast, precise and comfortable pipetting. The iPette is available in single-channel models...

Dragon Laboratory Instruments  0.5 - 1200 μl | iPette
Multichannel 0.5 - 1200 μl | iPette Dragon Laboratory Instruments

DRAGONLAB will launch iPette Electronic Pipette that enable fast, precise and comfortable pipetting. The iPette is available in single-channel models...

Dragon Laboratory Instruments  1 - 100 ml
Electronic pipettor 1 - 100 ml Dragon Laboratory Instruments

Features - Full volume range of 0.1-100ml - Easy to one-handed operation - Lightweight, ergonomic designs allow longer, fatigue-free...

3 products Integra
Integra VIAFLO
Multichannel VIAFLO Integra

The VIAFLO pipettor is the industries first pipetting system that comes with a full color screen and unique Touch Wheel interface. Designed to provide...

Multichannel electronic micropipette VIAFLO VOYAGER Integra

Introducing the most intuitive, effective, hand-held pipettors for different labware formats offering automated fluid transfer. It is the first motorized hand-held...

Integra VIAFLO 384
Electronic micropipette for 384-well microplates VIAFLO 384 Integra

Are your manual multichannel pipettes reaching their limits? VIAFLO 96/384 allows you to increase sample output without...

Labnet International 0.5 - 1 200 µL | Labnet Excel™
0.5 - 1 200 µL | Labnet Excel™ Labnet International

These Excel electronic pipettes from Labnet are multi-functional units with standard and reverse modes for pipetting operations. They are also designed for sequential...

new Labnet International FastPette™ Pro
Electronic pipettor FastPette™ Pro Labnet International

The new FASTPETTE™ PRO is a light weight and ergonomically shaped motorized pipette controller designed to work with 0.5 to 100 ml range glass or plastic serological pipettes. The conveniently placed...

Labnet International FastPette™ V2
Electronic pipettor FastPette™ V2 Labnet International

This pipette controller has revolutionary battery powered technology. It works with both plastic and glass pipettes in the 1 ml – 100 ml range. With its conveniently located switches...

2 products MICROLIT

FEATURES • Based on Stepper Motor Technology. • User friendly software. • Recharging during operation. • Optimized ergonomics and working comfort. • Built-in tip...

Electronic pipettor E-FILL MICROLIT

E-Fill Is a friendly, efficient and reliable electronic pipette filling instrument. Designed for ease and comfort to suit all types...

1 products Biosigma
Biosigma   BS400200
Electronic pipettor BS400200 Biosigma

Aspiration speed: 8 Dispensing speed: 8 + gravity dispence Battery:...

1 products Ratiolab GmbH
Ratiolab GmbH  ratiolab® Accupetta
Electronic pipettor ratiolab® Accupetta Ratiolab GmbH

Can fill 25 ml pipet in under 4 seconds safety valve and hydrophobic filters provide double protection against fluid penetration two different speed modes...

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