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Medical thermometer / electronic / forehead

Getting the temperature of babies...

Medical thermometer / electronic / ear

TERMIR-4 is an infrared...

Medical thermometer / electronic / forehead

T-One is a NO-TOUCH infrared...

Medical thermometer / non-contact / ear

DigiO2® Non-Contact Thermometer A Non-Contact...

Medical thermometer / electronic / ear

This has a small probe and...

Medical thermometer / electronic / ear

This has a probe cover and...

Medical thermometer / electronic / ear

This uses a probe cover to...

Medical thermometer / electronic / ear

This infrared ear thermometer, the...

How to choose this product


A digital thermometer measures a patient's temperature and displays it digitally, in contrast to a mercury thermometer.


These devices indicate whether a patient has a fever, a symptom common to numerous diseases and infections. Since temperature can be measured at various points on the body, there are digital thermometers designed for the ear, the forehead and other zones. Some are multifunction, while others are intended for pediatric use. Laboratory versions are employed to measure the temperature of solutions, among other uses.


Infrared models operate without need for contact with the patient. If the instrument is linked to a wireless network, results can be transmitted to a patient monitoring station, even from the home.

How to choose

Precision and ease of use are the two prime considerations when selecting a digital thermometer.

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