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Rectal enema sets
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rectal enema set - ProFit™

The ProFit™ disposable colon hydrotherapy kits and speculums

These are disposable colon hydrotherapy kits and speculums that are made for one-time use and are manufactured to strict international standards. They have been bio-compatibility tested and toxicity tested and are made from DEHP...

rectal enema set - Peristeen®

Peristeen is an anal irrigation system that only requires water and is an effective...

rectal enema set - DIGNICARE®

The DIGINICARE Stool Management System (SMS) by Bard Medical is designed for use by bedridden patients....

rectal enema set - DIGNICARE®

Used for the administration of enemas and certain...

rectal enema set - DIGNICARE®

Medical grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bag
1750 ml collecting capacity...

rectal enema set - DIGNICARE®

In use with medical applications with different...

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