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1 products Thuasne
2 products ALTEOR
Finger extension splint AD / SOBER ALTEOR

MEDICAL INDICATIONS Mild traumas of the fingers and metacarpals (fractures/dislocations/sprains)...

Finger extension splint AD THERMO / SOBER ALTEOR

MEDICAL INDICATIONS Mild traumas of the fingers and metacarpals (fractures, dislocations, sprains) Following...

6 products Corflex
Corflex 41-3050
Finger extension splint 41-3050 Corflex

The ergonomic design of the Digital splint made out of durable perforated vinyl...

Corflex 49-380
Mallet 49-380 Corflex

Corflex stax splints will immobilize a distal finger or thumb and the doctor...

Corflex 49-3701 / 49-3702 / 49-3703
Frog 49-3701 / 49-3702 / 49-3703 Corflex

CORFLEX finger splints protect and immobilize the finger comfortably....

Corflex 49-3600 / 49-3601 / 49-3602 / 49-36037
Cot 49-3600 / 49-3601 / 49-3602 / 49-36037 Corflex

The Finger Splint protects and immobilizes the finger comfortably. It’s...

Corflex 49-3501 / 49-3502 / 49-3503
Baseball 49-3501 / 49-3502 / 49-3503 Corflex

The finger splints are designed with malleable aluminum and foam padding...

1 products Dr. Med
Dr. Med DR-W132-2
Finger extension splint DR-W132-2 Dr. Med

- Sprains & strains of the wrist - Supporting...

2 products Chrisofix
Strip Chrisofix

It is used in first aid and in the fixation of fingers ll V during injuries or any inflammation such as the panaritium. It is also used...

Mallet Chrisofix

Designed for initial first aid, this finger splint provides immobilization for injuries or felons associated...

3 products BORT Medical
BORT Medical DigiSoft®
Finger extension splint DigiSoft® BORT Medical

This finger splint is made from a soft comfortable material that has been designed to offer one or two fingers...

BORT Medical
Pediatric finger extension splint (with hand and wrist strap) BORT Medical

BORT DigiSoft Finger Brace is a medical sports rehabiliation tool for immobilisation after injuries, post-orthopaedic surgeries...

BORT Medical Stack
Mallet Stack BORT Medical

Stack Finger Splint is made for hyper-extension and conservative treatment...

1 products Trulife
Trulife WH400
Mallet WH400 Trulife

Description Rigid polyethylene...

United Surgical
Finger extension splint United Surgical

Vinyl/foam construction with adjustable contact...

2 products Oscar Boscarol
Oscar Boscarol  IMM124140
Strip IMM124140 Oscar Boscarol

Adjustable and transpiring finger splint Made in adhesive PDM, transparent honeycomb...

Oscar Boscarol  IMM124141
Finger extension splint IMM124141 Oscar Boscarol

Hand and forearm splint Made in adhesive PDM, transparent honeycomb film, shape memory...

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