orthopedic surgical forceps / holding
orthopedic surgical forceps

tissue forceps / grasping / Allis
tissue forceps

Length: 13 cm

Allis-Baby Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forcep 4 x 5 Teeth

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orthodontic tweezers / bracket holder / curved
orthodontic tweezers

Brackets tweezer multi-functional Item No.: FD04-01 used for both anterior and posterior teeth with adhesive removing head. It is suitable to remove extra adhesives.

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Hangzhou Yahong Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd.
laparoscopic forceps / grasping / disposable
laparoscopic forceps

NovaGrasp™ A Less Invasive Way to Retract. Grasp. Retract. Secure. Used intra-abdominally, the patent-pending NovaGrasp™ secures tissue and organs to retract for improved visualization. Introduced via an existing port or percutaneously, ...

endoscopy forceps / bronchoscopic / for mini-invasive surgery / grasping
endoscopy forceps
MD-x-GF24xx series

Length: 600, 2,300, 1,800 mm

Indication: The single-use grasping forceps is indicated for use in the gastrointestinal tract via endoscope to grasp tissue,stone or other foreign objects. Features: The head is bigger than 90°, ...

orthodontic pliers / holding / How
orthodontic pliers

How utility pliers Hardness of tip :HRC52-55 To hold arch wires and guide it into buccal tubes, to hold ligature wires. or to form anterior band

grasping forceps
grasping forceps

Length: 10 cm

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orthodontic pliers / bracket holder
orthodontic pliers

Direct Bond Holder ix630 Spring loaded reverse action holds brackets until release is desired. Blade at the end of the tip helps with final bracket slot position.

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Ixion Instruments
coagulation forceps / surgical / laparoscopic / grasping
coagulation forceps
MD5 330

Length: 330 mm

The Vectec disposable graspers equipped with or without ratchet includes a lightweight handle with standard HF connector for monopolar coagulation that can be utilized with all cable models. It has an adjustment knob that allows 360° ...

laparoscopic forceps / grasping / monopolar / disposable
laparoscopic forceps

Length: 330 mm

CIMPAX supply a complete range of single use monopolar hand instruments which includes scissors, graspers and forceps Single use Laparoscopic Hand Instruments The CIMPAX Monopolar Laparoscopic Hand Instruments offer ...

coagulation forceps / endoscopic / resection / grasping
coagulation forceps

With functions of grab, separation, coagulation, pulling and resection. Apply to endoscope and laparotomy surgery. Related clinical applications: The latest technology to treat diseases of BPH, urethrostenosis, bladder tumor, etc

orthodontic pliers / bracket holder / Weingart
orthodontic pliers

This standard size Weingart comes with precision-engineered serrated tips to firmly hold wires. The tapered beaks fit easily between brackets and allow easy navigation around hard-to-reach areas.

tissue forceps / grasping / Babcock
tissue forceps

Length: 16 cm

... towel forceps, diagnostic instruments, anesthesia instruments, thumb and tissue forceps, microsurgical forceps, hemostatic forceps, retractor, probes, directors and spatulas, ...

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surgical forceps / endoscopic / grasping
surgical forceps

Length: 120, 180, 160, 230 cm

Grasping Forceps, 2:1 teeth, for catheter and stents

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Ewald Bacher Medizintechnik
surgical forceps / grasping / curved
surgical forceps

Length: 18 cm

Rongeur Beyer 7 inch (18 cm) 7 inch (18 cm) long Function part 13 mm curved hollow type Double joints

orthodontic pliers / dental crown holding / Gutowski
orthodontic pliers
04 1440 16 1

Gutowski, 160 mm, for the safe seizing of provisional crowns and nerve instruments

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Daniel Kürten GmbH & Co.KG
surgery forceps / laparoscopic / suture / vessel-sealing
surgery forceps

... Operating becomes a real art. What is JAiMYTM? A hand held motorized articulated instrument designed for the purpose of grasping, retracting, mobilizing, dissecting, and suturing of tissues and vessels under endoscopic ...

laparoscopic forceps / grasping / monopolar
laparoscopic forceps

Length: 335, 435 mm

Convenient,rigid shaft and jaw construction utilizes re-usable instrument technology. Ergonomic handle for surgeon comfort and control. 360° finger wheel rotation for simple, precise jaw alignment. Wide jaw opening. Fully insulated shaft ...

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MetroMed Healthcare
laparoscopic forceps / grasping / stainless steel
laparoscopic forceps

Length: 33, 45 cm

... computer-controlled machine technology. Offered in 3 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm sizes, this line offers a variety of handle and inserts styles for grasping, dissecting, suturing and cutting capabilities. The latest additions ...

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coagulation forceps / grasping / bipolar / Maryland
coagulation forceps

Length: 33 cm

bipolar cutting/grasping and coagulation in one single instrument 360 ° rotable can be disassembled in three parts inserts available separatly

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Seemann Technologies
surgical forceps / grasping
surgical forceps

Frankenman anvil grasping forceps were designed with two procedures in mind. APPEAR and SMART represent major procedural breakthroughs in ultra-low rectal anastomosis and the prevention of parastomal ...

surgical forceps / grasping
surgical forceps

Length: 20, 25 cm

laparoscopic forceps / grasping / bipolar
laparoscopic forceps

... instrument used for grasping, cutting and bipolar coagulation in Minimally Invasive Surgery. It is characterized by a newly developed mechanism enabling well adjustable opening and closing of the jaws with very high pressure ...

surgical forceps / grasping / Pozzi / disposable
surgical forceps

NHS Code: FGR286 Product Information: These Forceps combine the grip of Pozzy Forceps and have serrated ends. Dimensions: Standard Size 230mm in Length from Hinge. Quantities: Sold in boxes ...

surgical forceps / grasping / Tischler / Kevorkian
surgical forceps

Art No: TS-820 Size: Description :. kevorkian Tischler

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Quick Silver Instruments