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4 products Gambro
Gambro Prismaflex®
Prismaflex® Gambro

This blood purification device is made with a simple solution. The Prismaflex system works with a strong platform for all CRRT therapies like CVVH, CVVHD, CVVHDF and SCUF therapies...

Gambro Prismaflex eXeed™
Prismaflex eXeed™ Gambro

The system facilitates treatments related to renal replacement and blood purification. It meets the specific needs of patients and provides a solution to many intensive care treatments....

Gambro Prismaflex eXeed II™
Prismaflex eXeed II™ Gambro

The Prismaflex eXeed II™ System is the newest improvement to the Prismaflex system. It integrates delivery of calcium and citrate for regional citrate anticoagulation and can be used with the MARS...

Gambro Aquadex FlexFlow™
Portable Aquadex FlexFlow™ Gambro

The Aquadex FlexFlow system uses a simplified approach to treating patients with fluid overload by providing ultrafiltration for the removal of...

2 products MEDICA

The EQUAsmart CRRT medical device is a totally integrated device and it is designed to offer the users the ultimate clarification of their requirements. The EQUAsmart encompasses 4 pumps for blood, dialysate,...

For cardiac failure CARDIOSMART MEDICA

CARDIOSMART is a fine equipment intended to be an alternative treatment method for pharmacological...

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