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Flexibility that meets the strict demands of multiple blood purification therapies

Deliver a complete range of continuous extracorporeal blood therapies with a highly versatile platform that can be customized to specific patient needs. Safe and easy to use, the Prismaflex system is your single solution...

The system facilitates treatments related to renal replacement and blood purification. It meets the specific needs of patients and provides a solution to many intensive care treatments....

The Prismaflex eXeed II™ System is the newest improvement to the Prismaflex system. It integrates delivery of calcium and citrate for regional citrate anticoagulation and can be used with the MARS system.

Sufficient extracorporeal...

The Aquadex FlexFlow system uses a simplified approach to treating patients with fluid overload by providing ultrafiltration for the removal of salt...


The CF200 efficiently performs the most usual treatments (CVVH, TPE, SCUF, hemoperfusion) at a cost of about 40%...


The EQUAsmart CRRT medical device is a totally integrated device and it is designed to offer the users the ultimate clarification of their requirements. The EQUAsmart encompasses 4 pumps for blood, dialysate, substitution and anti-coagulation. It is also a proprietary system for ultra-filtration...

CARDIOSMART is a fine equipment intended to be an alternative treatment method for pharmacological...

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