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Offering low consumption and nine memory spaces for monitoring the temperature variations...


The innovative thermometer based on infrared technology provides precise measurement in just second....


Ri-thermo N professional is designed for easy and efficient readings of body temperature in clinics and hospitals. The infrared tympanic thermometer measures accurate temperatures...

ri-thermo® N is an infrared thermometer with state-of-the-art design to be used in medical practices, hospitals and the home. This simple thermometer is safe and reliable, using innovative infrared technology to measure not only body temperature, but also the temperature of...


Gentle Temp measures fever in the fastest way. The device offers the best verified...


TERMIR-4 is an infrared thermometer that can measure the patients temperature...


DigiO2® Ear Thermometer
A userfriendly thermometer that helps keep a check on body temperature

Why Choose the Digio2® Ear Thermometer?


No Mercury, passive infrared receiver, without radiation
Large LCD screen
Measure way:...


Infrared technology specially designed to take the forehead/ear temperature of a person. Allows for continuous temperature taking(Forehead...

Brief Introduction

Forehead type infrared themometer is a thermometer...


Precise measurement of the body temperature in the ear and on the forehead in seconds

Visual fever...

ThermoDock® Infrared Thermometer Module
Precise temperature measurement with innovative technology

Measuring temperature with iPhone®,...

The infrared clinical thermometer...

Infrared ear thermometer FTO precisely measures temperature...



1 second measurement or continuous scanning mode


• 1 second measurement or
• continuous scanning mode


1 second measurement
Temple temperature


Microsense Infrared Thermometer 8009

With Fever Alarm: Yes
Fast Speed Measurement: 1 Second

Infrared Thermometer 0610

With Fever Alarm: Yes
Fast Speed Measurement: 1 Second
Ear Thermometer: Yes
Forehead Thermometer:...

With Fever Alarm: Yes
Fast Speed Measurement: 1 Second
Ear Thermometer: Yes
Forehead Thermometer: Yes

Microsense Doctor 8810
The Microsense Infrared Thermometer has many advantages.
The probe itself is the thinnest available on the market - a mere 5.6mm. This ensures less discomfort in the ear channel when taking a temperature, something that is particularly valuable when taking a measurement with small children.



Working condition: - Environment temperature: 10°C - 40°C
- Relative humidity:≤ 85%
- Power : DC3V (AA*2)

Size: 95mm×42mm×139mm(L...


Multifunction Infrared Thermometer

Multifunction Infrared Thermometer is used to detect the people forehead temperature. It is fast to detect the real body temperature to avoid the long time and no safety detecting by traditional thermometer.



The Model THP59 is Infrared Ear Thermometer by Radiant Innovation specially designed for hospital use....

This has a small probe and can compare temperatures and the last readings together. It uses 25 memories,...

This has a probe cover and ejector with a detector. It uses ear temperature measurements and takes...

This uses a probe cover to keep it all safe to use while a small probe is used to add to the function....

This infrared ear thermometer, the Model TH899 features a measurement range of from 34 degrees Celsius (93.2 F) to approximately 42.2...


We focus on the portable medical and diagnostic devices for home care users. The major product line includes blood glucose monitoring system and forehead IR thermometer. We worked with big customers on private labeling...



◆Hygienic and Hands-Free Probe Cover Installation and Disposal
◆1 Second...

◆Hygienic and Hands-Free Probe Cover Installation and Disposal
◆1 Second Measurement


This digital infrared medical ear thermometer has a response time as fast as 1 second. It has...

The IR THERMOMETER TS-6. Is a digital thermometer designed to measure the temperature...

This ear thermometer can measure ear temperature in °C or °F,...

The IR THERMOMETER TS8 is a 3-in-1 device that's able to take Ear, Forehead and...

IR THERMOMETER TS12 is one of the TS product line of thermometers of Avita with the most basic...

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