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3B Scientific   B52
Human dual sex B52 3B Scientific

Life-Size Dual Sex Asian Human Figure, 39-part This life-size, high-quality muscular figure represents a wide variety of human anatomical structures in most accurate detail. The muscular figure is therefore...

3B Scientific   B53
Human dual sex B53 3B Scientific

This totally new life-size (68") male/female model facilitates an understanding of human anatomy like no other human anatomy model in the world! The human that can be dissected, features a human torso...

video 3B Scientific   VA01
Human male VA01 3B Scientific

This sophisticated human muscular model shows the deep and superficial musculature in great detail. The extraordinary accuracy of the...

Erler-Zimmer Anatomiemodelle B90
Human male B90 Erler-Zimmer Anatomiemodelle

Muscular figure, ⅓ life size This muscular figure has extraordinary fine structures...

Erler-Zimmer Anatomiemodelle M290
Human back M290 Erler-Zimmer Anatomiemodelle

An invaluable tool for physicians who wish to discuss back pain with their patients, this back muscle model is...

Erler-Zimmer Anatomiemodelle M138
Human foot M138 Erler-Zimmer Anatomiemodelle

This life size model represents a superficial...

Erler-Zimmer Anatomiemodelle 3008 ARNOLD
Articulated human skeleton anatomical model (with muscle marking) 3008 ARNOLD Erler-Zimmer Anatomiemodelle

Based on the 3001 model, this skeleton offers in addition marking of muscle origins and insertions. The model has the following characteristics:...

Erler-Zimmer Anatomiemodelle 3015 PETER
Articulated human skeleton anatomical model (with flexible spine, muscle marking) 3015 PETER Erler-Zimmer Anatomiemodelle

This therapy skeleton offers marking of the muscle origins and insertion points on one body side in addition to the moveable vertebral column. The model has the following characteristics:...

2 products NetMed
Human for acupuncture NetMed

The two-sided acupuncture model man shows the meridians, acupuncture points, muscles,...

NetMed H131074
Human hand H131074 NetMed

Heine Scientific presents the human hand model in life size. Viewing the model shows very detailed designs of the muscles and...

Laerdal Medical
Human foot Laerdal Medical

Reproduction of the human foot...

Laerdal Medical SK-2000
Human skeleton anatomical model (with muscle marking) SK-2000 Laerdal Medical

Human skeletal reproduction designed for orthopedic studies...

Laerdal Medical SML-1500
Human leg SML-1500 Laerdal Medical

Reproduction of the human leg depicting all...

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