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muscular anatomical model / male / human - AS 1

Approximately half the size of an average adult male, this male muscle figure on a green base...

muscular anatomical model / male / human - AS 1/1

The product is a model of male muscle figure which is half the size of natural size. It...

muscular anatomical model / male / human - AS 2/2

This accurate human muscle figure is about ¾ natural size of an adult male. Made...

muscular anatomical model / human / dual-sex - AS 6

This muscular torso comes with interchangeable female and male genitalia. It is made from SOMSO-Plast and comes in a natural size. The model...

muscular anatomical model / human / male - AS 3 AP/NR

Male Muscle Figure with colour coding for the identification of motor innervation

after Dr Hans Schade....

muscular anatomical model / human / male - AS 3 AP/NR

Reproduction of the human foot...

muscular anatomical model / male / human - J101

Size: W60 x D60 x H175cm
Accessories: Cover, Stand with caster
Life-size. Separates into 100pieces

Attention on handing
Cautions on Use

muscular anatomical model / male / human - J101

The two-sided acupuncture model man shows the meridians, acupuncture points, muscles,...

muscle anatomical model / hand - H131074

Heine Scientific presents the human hand model in life size. Viewing the model shows very detailed designs of the muscles and...

muscle anatomical model / foot / human - M138

This life size model represents a superficial...

back-to-back anatomical model / muscle / human - M290

An invaluable tool for physicians who wish to discuss back pain with their patients, this back muscle model is...

muscular anatomical model / human / male - B90

This muscular figure has extraordinary fine structures and a very detailed painting. On one side it shows...

muscular anatomical model / human / dual-sex - B52

Life-Size Dual Sex Asian Human Figure, 39-part

This life-size, high-quality muscular figure represents a wide variety of human anatomical structures in most accurate detail. The muscular figure is therefore especially suitable for the high demands of medical school. The right half of the muscle model shows the skin, the left half the...

muscular anatomical model / human / dual-sex - B53

This totally new life-size (68") male/female model facilitates an understanding of human anatomy like no other human anatomy model in the world! The human that can be dissected, features a human torso that has the skin removed from one half showing the underlying musculature of the chest, back, abdomen, head and neck. The front wall...

muscular anatomical model / human / dual-sex - 6000.56

This 1/2 life size hight quality model represents a replica of the complete human muscular...

muscular anatomical model - 6030.10

This model shows the muscle of the head, neck and...

muscle anatomical model / hand - 6000.08

This life size model is composed of 4 parts. The palmar aponeurosis and the palmaris brevis can be removed to reveal the...

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