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2 products HEYER Medical
HEYER Medical iTernIS BASE
iTernIS BASE HEYER Medical

The product facilitates invasive and non-invasive ventilation for patients including children, adults and infants including...

HEYER Medical iTernIS NEO
With touchscreen iTernIS NEO HEYER Medical

The product is designed to provide Invasive and Non invasive ventilation treatment to the neonate and infant patients in the criticare units. The loops, curves and...

1 products MAQUET
video MAQUET SERVO-I Infant

The instrument, Servo-i Infant is useful in providing the most effective care for patients which could be attributed to its unmatched sensitivity. Pediatric and neonatal patients are the major beneficiaries...

2 products CareFusion
CareFusion  3100A
Highfrequency oscillations 3100A CareFusion

The 3100A High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator (HFOV) from CareFusion is U.S. FDA-approved for intervening early in treating respiratory...

CareFusion  Infant Flow®
Neonatal critical care CPAP ventilator Infant Flow® CareFusion

The Infant Flow® SiPAP System has been supplying gentle respiratory support to thousands of neonates worldwide for the past two decades. The Infant Flow SIPAP System together with the patented variable...

Heinen und Löwenstein Leoni Plus
With touchscreen Leoni Plus Heinen und Löwenstein

Leoni Plus was designed for long-term ventilation of very small premature infants, neonates and children weighing up to 30 kg. Equipped with the basic ventilation modes CPAP, IPPV/IMV, S-IPPV and SIMV,...

Heinen und Löwenstein Leoni 2
Leoni 2 Heinen und Löwenstein

Leoni 2 is ideal for long-term ventilation of infants that are small and premature, neonates, and kids with body weight of up to 30 kg. Apart from its basic ventilation modes CPAP, IPPV/IMV,...

Heinen und Löwenstein Leoni Mobil
Leoni Mobil Heinen und Löwenstein

Leoni functions uses a leakage triggering system to help ensure that ventilation is prepared for infants and neonates that are up to 30 kg in weight or have low body weights. This...

Heinen und Löwenstein Elisa
Elisa Heinen und Löwenstein

The Elisa is appropriate for children ages one or older and have a body weight of at least 5 kg as well as for adults. The intensive care ventilator can also be used on newborns...

ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG fabian HFO
Highfrequency oscillations fabian HFO ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG

Fabian HFO has non invasive nasal ventilation which can be utilized with either nasal prongs or distinct sized masks. The third generation of fabian, fabian HFO neonatal critical care ventilator, is a...

ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG fabian+ nCPAP Evolution
Neonatal critical care CPAP ventilator fabian+ nCPAP Evolution ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG

The fabian evolution neonatal critical care ventilator is a new addition to the Fabian lineup and is a three way therapy system that is feature rich to include volume guarantee and limit, perfect conventional...

Metran Co., Ltd. Humming X
Highfrequency oscillations Humming X Metran Co., Ltd.

Due to easy operation, high visibility touchscreen and improved safety, HFO ventilation is recognized worldwide as an effective treatment for neonates and premature babies. Pediatric HFOV, a revolutionary...

Metran Co., Ltd. Calliope α
Highfrequency oscillations Calliope α Metran Co., Ltd.

The HFO system uses a stronger mean airway pressure control that can work at a range of up to 40 cm H2O and works with respiratory care controls in mind...

Metran Co., Ltd. Humming V
Highfrequency oscillations Humming V Metran Co., Ltd.

The HFO ventilation setup is made with a standard that works well for keeping pressure in check. The (S)IMV setup is made with a strong design that works for infant and neo-natal...

Ural Optical Mechanical Plant SLE-2000
SLE-2000 Ural Optical Mechanical Plant

The SLE-2000 ventilator manufactured with the use of advanced technologies is designed for controlled artificial ventilation of lungs of newborns and other children in the course of resuscitation measures...

Ural Optical Mechanical Plant SLE 2000 HFO
SLE 2000 HFO Ural Optical Mechanical Plant

The SLE 2000 HFO ventilator set to high frequency ventilation mode is designed for controlled artificial ventilation of lungs of newborns and children with body weight from 500 g to 8 kg and at conventional...

1 products Fanem
Fanem Babypap
Neonatal critical care CPAP ventilator Babypap Fanem

Bubble water column for PEEP determination; Thermal...

Medin-Medical Innovations GmbH medin-cno
Neonatal critical care CPAP ventilator medin-cno Medin-Medical Innovations GmbH

The REF 3090 Medin-cno is used as stationary nCPAP driver for the nCPAP therapy of neonates and premature infants treated in combination with the nCPAP generator...

1 products Ginevri
new Ginevri Giulia
Giulia Ginevri

The latest research on Neonatal Intensive Care aims to use nasal ventilation to minimize or avoid endotracheal intubation. The challenge of Ginevris team was to enhance...

6 products F. Stephan
F. Stephan Stephanie
Stephanie F. Stephan

Success in the area of top-class medical technology lies in the details. And it is in these details that the STEPHANIE neonatal ventilation system excels. The unique combination of ventilator, patient...

F. Stephan Sophie
Sophie F. Stephan

For our new neonatology ventilation system SOPHIE we have cooperated closely with renowned physicians at home and abroad in the successful development of a ventilation system based on the proven first-rate...

F. Stephan Christina
Christina F. Stephan

CHRISTINA is an excellent solution for fulfilling all criteria indispensable to effective and safe ventilation of preterm infants. The unit is easy to use and clearly organised, with outstanding respiration...

F. Stephan F 120
F 120 F. Stephan

The Reanimator F 120 was developed by F. Stephan GmbH specifically for initial care and short-term ventilation of prematurely born infants and newborns. In two versions, available with built-in gas blender...

F. Stephan F 120 mobil
F 120 mobil F. Stephan

Equipped with special fixtures, the mobile version of the F 120 can be fastened in place quickly and simply during use. An internal compressor...

Neonatal critical care CPAP ventilator CPAP-SYSTEM F. Stephan

Stephan CPAP-System for neonatoal and perinatal care operates in constant flow and pressure limited following...

1 products Neumovent
Neumovent GraphNet neo
GraphNet neo Neumovent

Design Features GraphNet neo’s 12-inch touch-screen display combines comprehensive, easy-to-follow user interface and patient monitoring User-friendly, intuitive programming promotes patient safety...

1 products WILAmed
WILAmed  WILAflow
Neonatal critical care CPAP ventilator WILAflow WILAmed

In Europe, the proportion of preterm infants lies between 5% and 11% and has risen continuously in the past ten years. Premature babies are now the largest group of patients in the neonatal medical care1....

5 products SLE
new SLE  SLE1000
Noninvasive SLE1000 SLE

The SLE1000 is a revolutionary new CPAP machine: a servo-controlled CPAP unit with intelligent alarms and modern electronics. The new SLE1000 incorporates a complete rethink of the way CPAP is delivered. Using...

SLE  SLE5000
Neonatal critical care CPAP ventilator SLE5000 SLE

The smallest thing does matter... There are still some neonates who cannot be adequately ventilated with even the most sophisticated conventional ventilation. Indeed, using conventional ventilation...

SLE  SLE4000
Neonatal critical care CPAP ventilator SLE4000 SLE

SLE is a world leader in the design and manufacture of neonatal ventilators. Years of ventilation experience have given the company an understanding of the challenges facing clinicians when caring for...

Neonatal critical care CPAP ventilator SLE2000 HFO SLE

The SLE2000 HFO is specifically designed for use on neonatal and infant patients. It allows...

SLE  SLE2000
Neonatal critical care CPAP ventilator SLE2000 SLE

The SLE2000 is one of the worlds most widely used infant specific ventilators. It has a concise range of modalities for conventional ventilation. For many years, the SLE2000 has set the standard in neonatal...

Seeuco Electronics Technology  1 - 120 bpm | PA-200
1 - 120 bpm | PA-200 Seeuco Electronics Technology

Ventilation Mode CMV; IMV; CPAP; Frequency of ventilation 1~120 bpm I:E 1: 0.1~ 1:...

Neonatal critical care CPAP ventilator ESPIRO CPAP PT. FYROM INTERNATIONAL

DATA SPESIFICATION : - Power 100 watt - Weight 15 Kg - Dimension 33 x 43 x 140 mm - Oxygen / Air blender (not shown) - Portable...

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