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Rodenstock Instrumente RT S
Motorized on casters RT S Rodenstock Instrumente

The RT S is vertically adjustable and...

Rodenstock Instrumente RT V
Motorized on casters RT V Rodenstock Instrumente

The TTVS-1000 is vertically adjustable and similar to TT-1060. Table with a...

5 products Tomey
Tomey TT-1060
Motorized on casters TT-1060 Tomey

The vertically adjustable electric lift table...

Tomey TT-4060
Motorized on casters TT-4060 Tomey

The vertically adjustable electric lift table...

Tomey TT2C-1000
Motorized on casters TT2C-1000 Tomey

This is a vertically adjustable electric table which has two columns. Two columns enable it to...

Tomey TTUD-1000
Motorized on casters TTUD-1000 Tomey

The TTUD-1000 is an e-lift table which is extremely loadable. It is characterized by a drawer in...

Tomey TTVS-1000
Motorized on casters TTVS-1000 Tomey

The TTVS-1000 is very similar to TT-1060. The table comes with...

Essilor instruments 590 - 840 mm
Motorized 590 - 840 mm Essilor instruments

Ideal for environments that need flexibility and expansion, this medical...

Takagi Ophthalmic Instruments Europe ST-40
Motorized ST-40 Takagi Ophthalmic Instruments Europe

The Auto Desk ST-40 from Takagi is an examination device that is easy to perform and can influence the comfort level of a...

Takagi Ophthalmic Instruments Europe ST-25/ST25C
Motorized on casters ST-25/ST25C Takagi Ophthalmic Instruments Europe

The ST-25 series table is designed with a sturdy body that is safe to use and easy to afford. It uses enough space to keep one’s foot near it while in use and has a pillar on...

Takagi Ophthalmic Instruments Europe MT-365H
Motorized on casters MT-365H Takagi Ophthalmic Instruments Europe

The TTAKAGI MT-365H is compact, reliable and features noise-free operation thanks to its...

Haag-Streit International HSM-901
Motorized on casters HSM-901 Haag-Streit International

This quality instrument table is characterized by the flexibility. It is the standard instrument table for most ophthalmic equipment and all HAAG-STREIT slit lamps. The internal drawers and cable guides...

Haag-Streit International HSM-801
Motorized on casters HSM-801 Haag-Streit International

The HSM 801 is the basic motorised instrument table for simple tabletop ophthalmic instruments. It fits all...

Haag-Streit International Octopus
Motorized for ophthalmic perimeter on casters Octopus Haag-Streit International

These Octopus tables are designed with patient comfort in mind when used in perimeter applications. The height can be conveniently adjusted by way of two motorized...

Topcon Europe Medical AIT-16
Motorized on casters AIT-16 Topcon Europe Medical

The Topcon AIT-16 is a basic, stable table designed...

Topcon Europe Medical ATE-600 , ATE-650
Motorized on casters ATE-600 , ATE-650 Topcon Europe Medical

Check out the ATE-600 and the ATE-650, both versatile surfaces for Topcon instruments....

Topcon Europe Medical ATE-800
Motorized on casters ATE-800 Topcon Europe Medical

ATE-800 is ideal for imaging workstations. Whether its a digital slit lamp with...

1 products Gilras
Gilras GET-15
Motorized on casters GET-15 Gilras

It has high-grade casters to ensure a safe and stable movement and a motorized height adjustment for maximum convenience.Thanks to...

1 products Huvitz
bon Optic Vertriebsgesellschaft bon T-70
Motorized on casters bon T-70 bon Optic Vertriebsgesellschaft

The T-70 table series has a fresh color design that complements every interior. It has an RAL 7024 graphite gray table base, RAL 9003 signal white table top, and RAL 9007 gray aluminum cover plates. The...

bon Optic Vertriebsgesellschaft bon T-60
Motorized bon T-60 bon Optic Vertriebsgesellschaft

The dual-table bon T-60 has electromotorized height adjustment with two synchronized columns. It...

1 products Oculus
Motorized on casters Oculus

Electronical Elevating Table This space-saving standardtable is designated for one unit with its table top size of 18,1" x 23,2" (460 x 590 mm). Electronical Elevating Table for two units For two units...

4 products S4Optiks
Motorized on casters ATLAS U-BASE S4Optiks

U BASE | Wheelchair Atlas Table Table height dimensions...

Motorized on casters ATLAS H-BASE S4Optiks

Product Features Durable, Reliable Construction Smooth, Silent Lift Mechanism Center...

S4Optiks 2UP
Motorized 2UP S4Optiks

Product Features • Wheelchair accessible • Custom table top sizes available...

S4Optiks 3-UP
Motorized 3-UP S4Optiks

Product Features Smooth Silent Movement Wheelchair Accessible Clean, Stylish Design Powerful...

Optopol Technology SE 244
Motorized for ophthalmic perimeter on casters SE 244 Optopol Technology

Minimum height of the table (mm)670 Maximum height of the table (mm)...

Optopol Technology SE 275
Motorized for ophthalmic perimeter on casters SE 275 Optopol Technology

Minimum height of the table (mm)640 Maximum height of the table (mm) 840 Size...

Optopol Technology SE 243
Motorized for ophthalmic perimeter SE 243 Optopol Technology

Minimum height of the table (mm)670 Maximum height of the table (mm)...

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