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new video MIR - Medical International Research Spirodoc® WHT
Pulse with separate sensor handheld Spirodoc® WHT MIR - Medical International Research

The Spirodoc Oxi is the first 3D Oximeter which has a built-in triaxial motion sensor. Able to correlate the level...

new video MIR - Medical International Research Minispir ® New
Computerbased USB spirometer with pulse Minispir ® New MIR - Medical International Research

Minispir New shows Real Time flow and volume loops and volume/time curves along with PRE/POST comparison....

MIR - Medical International Research Spirolab III
Desktop spirometer with pulse Spirolab III MIR - Medical International Research

Spirolab III is a simple diagnostic spirometer for determining vital capacity, forced vital capacity with different...

2 products Geratherm
Geratherm oxy control
Compact fingertip pulse oxy control Geratherm

This Finger Pulse Oximeter is clinically tested for high accuracy. It is easy to use and offers high wearing...

3 products SCHILLER
Pulse with separate sensor tabletop model ARGUS VS-100 SCHILLER

The device is designed to ensure more mobility and ease of use. It has an inbuilt...

Pulse with separate sensor handheld ARGUS OXM C SCHILLER

Argus OXM is a handheld pulse oximeter. The device aims to fulfill...

Pulse with separate sensor tabletop model ARGUS OXM plus SCHILLER

The ARGUS OXM plus is a non-invasive oxygen saturation monitoring unit. The portable pulse oximeter includes a pulse rate monitor and trend data. The compact...

Huntleigh Diagnostics Smartsigns MP1
Pulse with separate sensor handheld Smartsigns MP1 Huntleigh Diagnostics

Smartsigns MP1 is a hand held pulse oximeter. This ergonomically designed device has a user-friendly interface and provides enhanced visualization of patient status thanks to one...

Huntleigh Diagnostics Smartsigns MP1R
Pulse with separate sensor handheld Smartsigns MP1R Huntleigh Diagnostics

The Smartsigns MP1R is a hand held pulse oximeter. This user-friendly device has a simple interface which provides increased visualization of a patient’s status. It has one of the largest,...

Huntleigh Diagnostics SMARTSIGNS® MINIPULSE
Pulse with separate sensor handheld SMARTSIGNS® MINIPULSE Huntleigh Diagnostics

The smartsigns MiniPulse is the latest addition to the growing range of smartsigns patient monitoring...

Huntleigh Diagnostics Smartsigns LitePlus
Vital signs monitor (NIBP, SpO2, TEMP) Smartsigns LitePlus Huntleigh Diagnostics

The Smartsigns LitePlus is a vital signs monitor. This powerful monitor can be used to undertake complex monitoring over a long period of time or for simple SPOT measurements....

5 products Mindray
Mindray PM-60Vet
Veterinary pulse with separate sensor handheld PM-60Vet Mindray

The product is a pulse Oximeter. It is suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. It has a color LCD display with a high resolution of 2.4"....

Mindray PM-50Vet
Veterinary pulse with separate sensor handheld PM-50Vet Mindray

It’s compact and easy to carry and handle. It features automatic standby, power off, and record management. It can store...

video Mindray BeneHeart D3
Semi-automatic external defibrillator with ECG and SpO2 monitor BeneHeart D3 Mindray

BeneHeart D3 is an all in one, long lasting, light weighted defibrillator. It has an inherent monitor, manual defibrillation, AED and pacer. This professional biphasic defibrillator-monitor is widely...

2 products Beurer
Beurer   PO 80
Compact fingertip pulse PO 80 Beurer

This device is used to determine the pulse frequency of the heart rate and the level of arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2). It is user...

Beurer   PO 30
Compact fingertip pulse PO 30 Beurer

This product measures heart rate (frequency of pulse) and arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2). The measurement is easy and totally painless. It characterizes...

2 products Drive Medical
1 products Cardioline
Cardioline vsign10
Pulse with separate sensor handheld vsign10 Cardioline

Vsign10 is a portable pulse oximeter for measuring oxygen saturation of arterial blood and pulse rate of the patient. It is useful for monitoring patients continuously during...

Nihon Kohden Europe Oxypal OLV-2700
Pulse with separate sensor tabletop model Oxypal OLV-2700 Nihon Kohden Europe

The lightweight and compact desktop pulse oximeter offers superior accurate and stable measurement of SpO2...

Nihon Kohden Europe Oxypal Neo OLV-3100
Pulse with separate sensor tabletop model Oxypal Neo OLV-3100 Nihon Kohden Europe

OLV-3100 is a highly accurate desktop pulse oximeter. This compact unit has a large trendgraph and numerical data display. The high performance unit measures SpO2...

Nihon Kohden Europe cardiolife TEC-5500
Semi-automatic external defibrillator with ECG and SpO2 monitor cardiolife TEC-5500 Nihon Kohden Europe

This compact machines comes with optional SpO2 and CO2. It uses less energy for more efficient defibrillation because of its biphasic waveform. It has noninvasive pacing and clear TFT color LCD screen...

1 products Rudolf Riester
Rudolf Riester  ri-fox N
Compact fingertip pulse ri-fox N Rudolf Riester

The product is a cost efficient mobile device specifically designed to measure pulse and oxygen content of blood including SpO2 percentage with similar Riester quality within seconds. Green LED display...

24 products Nonin
video Nonin Onyx® Vantage 9590
Compact fingertip pulse Onyx® Vantage 9590 Nonin

Onyx 9590 Vantage Finger Pulse Oximeter is simiarl to Onyx 9500. In 1995, Nonin medical revolutionized pulse oximetry by inventing the world’s first finger pulse oximeter, the Onyx 9500. Key Elements Nonin’...

Nonin 0 – 100 % SpO2  | ONYX® II 9560
Compact fingertip pulse wireless 0 – 100 % SpO2 | ONYX® II 9560 Nonin

Finger Pulse Oximeter is the World’s First Wireless Finger Pulse Oximeter. Onyx II Model 9560. And has Bluetooth® wireless technology permit clinicians to remotely monitor the blood oxygen saturation...

Nonin 0 – 100 % SpO2 | Onyx® II 9550
Compact fingertip pulse 0 – 100 % SpO2 | Onyx® II 9550 Nonin

The Onyx® II 9550 fingertip pulse oximeter has been particularly tested by professionals and military and has been certified by them. It provides swift, medically proved Spo2 and pulse rate readings...

video Nonin GO2™ 9570
Compact fingertip pulse GO2™ 9570 Nonin

Direction Finger Pulse Oximeters for patients under the care of the physician Nonin Medical, the originator of finger pulse oximetry and a preferred product amid the respiratory therapists, proffers direction...

Nonin G02™ Achieve 9570-A
Compact fingertip pulse G02™ Achieve 9570-A Nonin

Nonin GO2 Achieve is a Personal Finger Pulse Oximeter. When people lead a very active life, the more people know the more they can do. Any human being who shows concerned in monitoring their oxygen saturation...

video Nonin 0 - 100 % SpO2 | PalmSAT® 2500
Pulse with separate sensor handheld 0 - 100 % SpO2 | PalmSAT® 2500 Nonin

The PalmSAT 2500 series are miniature, multipurpose digital pulse oximeters. The device is used for precise measurement of blood oxygen infiltration and pulse rate. Users of PalmSAT 2500...

8 products Smiths Medical
Smiths Medical Capnocheck® II
Pulse with separate sensor handheld with capnograph Capnocheck® II Smiths Medical

The Capnocheck II is a handheld all-in-one capnograph, carbon dioxide detector, and oximeter. You can set your configurations to display capnography alone or in combination with...

Smiths Medical BCI® Autocorr®
Pulse with separate sensor tabletop model BCI® Autocorr® Smiths Medical

Providing reading in case where motion artifact present and patient having low perfusion, BCI Autocorr Digital Pulse Oximeter’s gives solution to this problem and provides reliable reading at...

Smiths Medical BCI® Digit®
Compact fingertip pulse BCI® Digit® Smiths Medical

The Digit Finger Oximeter has been devised for providing fast , accurate and reliable SpO2, pulse rate and pulse strength measurement on patients ranging from...

Smiths Medical SPECTRO2™l 10
Pulse with separate sensor handheld SPECTRO2™l 10 Smiths Medical

The Spectro2 10Pulse Oximeter is an economic, spot-check device displaying SpO2, pulse rate, pulse amplitude index (PI) and signal strength. The Spectro2 offers reliable performance with a range of unique...

Smiths Medical SPECTRO2™l 20
Pulse with separate sensor handheld SPECTRO2™l 20 Smiths Medical

SPECTRO2™ 20 Pulse Oximeter is a single handedly operated spot checking device to take readings of pulse rate, SpO2, Pulse amplitude index, signal strength. It is Patented Serial Autocorrelation...

Smiths Medical SPECTRO2™l 30
Pulse with separate sensor handheld SPECTRO2™l 30 Smiths Medical

The Spectro 30 Pulse Oximeter is essential for every clinical setting, working well on all types and sizes of patients. It is designed to provide dependable results for SpO2, pulse rate, and Pulse amplitude...

7 products Masimo
DeVilbiss Healthcare  Nonin® Xpod®
Pulse with separate sensor tabletop model Nonin® Xpod® DeVilbiss Healthcare

The Nonin Xpod Pulse Oximeter is a powerful, clinical option for superior patient therapy management. Pair it with the SmartLink Therapy Management System to provide up to nine nights of patient oximetry...

3 products Smiths Medical
Smiths Medical SurgiVet® V1030
Veterinary pulse with separate sensor handheld SurgiVet® V1030 Smiths Medical

SurgiVet® V1030 Hand Held Pulse Oximeter has been built on a foundation of proprietary technology, which provides fast, reliable SpO2 pulse rate and pulse signal strength measurements across a full...

Smiths Medical V3395
Veterinary vital signs monitor (NIBP, SpO2, TEMP) V3395 Smiths Medical

The V3395 TPR Monitor is utilized for digitally monitoring the heart rate, temperature, SpO2...

Longfian Scitech  JAX 204
Compact fingertip pulse JAX 204 Longfian Scitech

Longfian’s JAX-204 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter measures human hemoglobin saturation and heat through your fingertips. It is suitable for use in homes, hospitals and clinics (including in surgery, pediatrics,...

Longfian Scitech  A310, A320
Compact fingertip pulse A310, A320 Longfian Scitech

The light and easy to use external device is used for hemoglobin measurement. The device supports 6 display modes with OLED color display for simultaneously display of testing value and plethysmogram....

Longfian Scitech  JAX 207
Compact fingertip pulse JAX 207 Longfian Scitech

Jax 207 is integrated with SPO2 probe and processing display module. It has low power consumption and shut off automatically...

Longfian Scitech  BD3100
Non-invasive blood pressure monitor (NIBP, with SpO2) BD3100 Longfian Scitech

This monitor includes SpO2, NIBP, Temperature, and Pulse Rate parameters. It features a color 2.8" LCD real-time display that shows an SpO2 waveform and pulse...

Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd BSNT-100
Vital signs monitor (NIBP, SpO2, TEMP) BSNT-100 Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd

Vital signs are essential when it comes to evaluating the quality of life activities. They include blood pressure, respiration, temperature, pulse rate, etc. The BSNT-100 is...

Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd BSP-220
Compact fingertip pulse BSP-220 Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd

Pulse rate and SPO2 are the parameters. Waveform is SpO2. Color display of the device is 64k and can be adjusted in 4 directions....

Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd BSP-210
Compact fingertip pulse BSP-210 Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd

This has many Features including Tiny, light, "all-in-one" integrated clip design,easy for carrying; LED screen...

Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd 35 - 99% SpO2 | BSP-250
Pulse with separate sensor handheld 35 - 99% SpO2 | BSP-250 Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd

The Pulse oximeter BSP-250 is a state-of-the-art device used for measuring the hemoglobin percentage in a patient. With a display area of 56 millimeter by 36millimeter, the...

Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd BSP-260
Pulse with separate sensor handheld with thermometer BSP-260 Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd

Handheld Pulse Oximeter (BSP-260) is handheld, compact, and easy for carrying and handling. It has an intelligent parameter monitoring interfaces, measuring SpO2, TEMP, PR &...

1 products CA-MI srl
Compact fingertip pulse O2-EASY CA-MI srl

The O2-Easy oximeter uses a finger pulse to analyze blood-oxygen...

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