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1 products Rudolf Riester
Rudolf Riester  0 - 300 mmHg | babyphon®
Hand-held pediatric aneroid sphygmomanometer 0 - 300 mmHg | babyphon® Rudolf Riester

The palm-style sphygmomanometer especially for paediatrician’s offices and hospitals comes in all blue and has an optional non-latex model. Comes in a choice of either...

1 products Honsun
Honsun HS-20C
Cuff-mounted pediatric aneroid sphygmomanometer HS-20C Honsun

HS-20C CHILD KIT TYPE Product information - Classic cartoon neonate...

1 products Ito
Wenzhou Bokang Instruments 0 - 300 mmHg | BK2005
Cuff-mounted pediatric aneroid sphygmomanometer 0 - 300 mmHg | BK2005 Wenzhou Bokang Instruments

Children type aneroid manometer Measure scope: 0-200mmHg Accuracy:...

Prestige Medical 80-PED
Cuff-mounted pediatric aneroid sphygmomanometer 80-PED Prestige Medical

The Pediatric Cotton Cuff Aneroid Sphygmomanometer offers soft comfort to children and small adults. It has a cuff range of...

Prestige Medical 82-INF
Cuff-mounted pediatric aneroid sphygmomanometer 82-INF Prestige Medical

82 INF is a premium aneroid sphygmomanometer specifically sized to be used on infants. The...

Prestige Medical 82-PED
Cuff-mounted pediatric aneroid sphygmomanometer 82-PED Prestige Medical

82 PED is a premium aneroid sphygmomanometer correctly sized for use on children or small adults. It has...

1 products Oscar Boscarol
1 products KaWe
1 products ASPEL
MDF Instruments MDF 2010-400
Cuff MDF 2010-400 MDF Instruments

Abrasion, chemical (chlorine and peroxide) and moisture resistant, the Velcro® Cuff is constructed of high-molecular polymer 210 Denier Nylon. Sized to meet American Heart Association recommendations,...

MDF Instruments MDF 2030-420
Cuff MDF 2030-420 MDF Instruments

MDF® Latex-Free Pediatric Double Tube Blood Pressure Cuff, delivers superior patient comfort and performance. The MDF® Pediatric Double Tube Blood Pressure Cuff is handcrafted for use with all MDF® Sphygmomanometers...

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