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A prosthesis is a medical device used to replace a patient's limb or other body part, or to compensate for a functional deficiency.


Among the numerous types of prostheses, the most common are orthopedic devices, sometime implantable, replacing part or all of a missing limb or damaged joint.

In addition to compensating for lost motor function, prostheses also replace damaged tissue, valves or vessels, for example stents. Others serve primarily aesthetic purposes in the case of a malformation or following amputation. Hearing aids, cochlear implants and similar devices help overcome sensory deficiencies.

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13 products MAQUET

A new solution has been introduced for Aortic Repair, it is the Cardioroot...

Woven double velour vascular HEMASHIELD PLATINUM MAQUET

Hemashield grafts in the most versatile configurations it has proven performance. These grafts have been trusted for more than twenty years. They are made from a superior...

Knitted double velour vascular HEMASHIELD GOLD MAQUET

HEMASHIELD GOLD Knitted Double Velour Vascular Grafts have been trusted for over 20 years and over 2 million of them have been implanted worldwide. The grafts are impregnated with collagen...

Vascular heparin INTERGARD MAQUET

INTERGARD Heparin grafts present a unique combination of a drug and a device. Heparin is used as an anticoagulant agent and it also inhibits smooth muscle cell proliferation. Using...

Threebranch vascular HEMASHIELD GOLD MAQUET

This device includes a three-branch graft and is useful in aortic arch replacement using Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest with selective Cerebral Perfusion. It is...


The Intergard Woven graft by Maquet is the optimal choice for performing Thoracic Vascular Reconstruction. Intergard Woven grafts are comprised of low-twist, highly filamentous yarns, that give them...

12 products Gore
Implantable mesh umbilical hernias and eventrations GORE® DUALMESH® PLUS Gore

GORE® DUALMESH® PLUS is an advanced ePTFE biomaterial used for controlling potential operative contamination of the material. It is the first two-surface hernia repair material with antimicrobial...

Gore GORE®
Vascular ePTFE GORE® Gore

The Gore Hybrid Vascular Graft is an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (EPTFE) vascular prosthesis. The Gore Hybrid Vascular Graft is a streamlined solution for patients with a challenging dialysis access,...

video Gore GORE® PROPATEN®
Vascular heparin GORE® PROPATEN® Gore

The GORE® PROPATEN® Vascular Graft is specifically designed and used to reduce the clinical concerns of higher risks of acute graft thrombotic failure during the vascular procedures. It...

Peripheral vascular GORE-TEX® Gore

GORE-TEX Stretch Vascular Grafts finds wide application in the vascular procedures. They deliver a reliable graft performance with high compatibility. The grafts...

Implantable mesh abdominal hernias GORE® DUALMESH® Gore

GORE® DUALMESH® Biomaterial: The Perfect Material for Tissue Reconstruction GORE® DUALMESH® Biomaterial is a soft ePTFF material that comfortably offers a two-surface tissue reconstruction...

Implantable mesh umbilical hernias and eventrations GORE® MYCROMESH® Gore

GORE® MYCROMESH® Biomaterial is very useful in the most demanding hernia and soft tissue reconstructions. It is a strong, soft,...

16 products Sorin
Sorin Pericarbon More Mitral
Mitral valve Pericarbon More Mitral Sorin

Sorin, known for their outstanding products brings detoxified and implant ready Pericarbon More Mitral. Proven double-sheet design helps avoid contact between...

Sorin Carbomedics Carbo-Seal
Ascending aorta Carbomedics Carbo-Seal Sorin

The carbomedics carbo-seal offers superior flexibility and handling with its low porosity and zero-preclot gelweave graft. It is best applicable in infective aortitis, marfan’s syndrome and ascending...

Sorin Carbomedics Carbo-Seal Valsalva
Ascending aorta Carbomedics Carbo-Seal Valsalva Sorin

The state of the art Carbomedics Carbo-Seal Valsalva encourages coronary anastomosis it provides vertical orientation of for pleats. The Resistant graft material does not fray encourages quick sealing...

Sorin Fitline
Aortic valve titanium Fitline Sorin

The product is built with the housing of exclusive titanium alloy. The product is design with innovative technology by which high malleability is provided. The metal housing of the product has small radial...

Sorin Fitline
Mitral valve titanium Fitline Sorin

Bicarbon Fitline is designed to facilitate haemodynamic performance. It comes with unique titanium alloy housing with airfoil structure. The innovative design for its hinge recess is possible because...

Sorin Overline
Aortic valve titanium Overline Sorin

The design features of Bicarbon Overline are almost same as that of the Bicarbon Fitline with the additional feature of improved hemodynamic performance. The housing is made of exclusive titanium alloy;...

2 products Medtronic
Medtronic Open Pivot™ AP360
Aortic valve Open Pivot™ AP360 Medtronic

Medtronic Open Pivot™ is designed with innovative technology that is used for bileaflet mechanical valves. After heart valve replacement is offered by mechanical valves for 50 years the Medtronic...

Medtronic Prestige®
Cervical disc Prestige® Medtronic

The Prestige Cervical Disc has been created to keep motion in the neck, thus giving an alternative to spinal fusion for surgeons and their patients. An alternative to spinal fusion is provided to surgeons...

St. Jude Medical Masters HP
Aortic valve Masters HP St. Jude Medical

The St. Jude Medical™ Masters HP Series’ design is low-profile according to the proven-effective St. Jude Medical™ Masters Series’ design, enhanced for exceptional circulation features. This heart valve...

St. Jude Medical Masters Series
Aortic valve Masters Series St. Jude Medical

The St Jude Medical Masters Series heart valve expanded cuff has been successfully used for the last 30 years. First planted in 1977, the standard valve boasts a long-term data record...

St. Jude Medical Regent™ FlexCuff™
Aortic valve Regent™ FlexCuff™ St. Jude Medical

The Regent™ is an aortic valve that is ahead of its time in terms of other prosthetic valves on the market. The supra-annular Regent valve offers incredible hemodynamics and performance, all...

St. Jude Medical SJM®
Aortic valve SJM® St. Jude Medical

The Mechanical valve from St.Jude Medical incorporates a pivot guard proprietary design and offers great clinical advantages of a significant nature. The mechanical valve boasts of an illustrious design...

Edwards Lifesciences
Valved conduit Edwards Lifesciences

Carpentier-Edwards Bioprosthetic Valved Conduit Valved conduit, ideal for complex reconstruction with challenging congenital malformations. Features: With 25 years of proven performance, the Carpentier-Edwards...

2 products COOK Medical
COOK Medical Biodesign®
Implantable mesh inguinal hernias Biodesign® COOK Medical

This product is inteded to reinforce soft tissues during the repair of inguinal hernias....

COOK Medical 5 cm | Biodesign®
Implantable mesh umbilical hernias and eventrations 5 cm | Biodesign® COOK Medical

This instrument is designed specifically to fit existing anatomy, and helps support...

59 products Depuy Synthes
Depuy Synthes Epoca
Total shoulder Epoca Depuy Synthes

The Epoca Shoulder Arthroplasty System consists of way outs for cure of arthritis of the shoulder joint, proximal humerus rupture and rotator clout arthropathy. The blueprint of the gears has been distinct...

Depuy Synthes RH
Humeral head RH Depuy Synthes

RH Resurfacing Head For early stages of arthritis and other arthropathies with damage cartilage the Epoca resurfacing head is the recommended treatment. It requires minimal Invasive surgery....

Depuy Synthes Glenoid
Total shoulder cemented Glenoid Depuy Synthes

The Epoca shoulder prosthesis is used as a total or semi shoulder replacement. The Glenoid component has been manufactured to facilitate a conventional gleno-humeral range of motion. The beveled rim of...

Depuy Synthes ​Revision
Revision total shoulder ​Revision Depuy Synthes

Epoca Revision Shoulder Arthroplasty System is the most technologically advanced mechanism shoulder surgery. Assistance provided to surgeons during surgeries is attributable to a new bunch of instruments....

Depuy Synthes VEPTR
Vertical rib pediatric VEPTR Depuy Synthes

Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Rib (VEPTR) is a new treatment concept for paediatric three-dimensional...

Depuy Synthes Prodisc-C Nova
Cervical disc Prodisc-C Nova Depuy Synthes

The product consists end-plates built with...

11 products Arthrex
30 products Össur UK
Össur UK POWER ™
Motor-powered and microprocessor controlled single-axis prosthetic knee joint POWER ™ Össur UK

The product is the first active prosthesis of the world which is used for upper knee amputees. Patients are provided with integrated...

Microprocessor controlled singleaxis foot PROPRIO FOOT® Össur UK

The Proprio Foot is a super smart foot offering versatile functions of walking. The innovative technical piece is beautifully designed to efficiently respond to any...

video Össur UK RHEO®
Microprocessor controlled stance control single-axis prosthetic knee joint RHEO® Össur UK

This is such a smart knee as it can automatically adapt to a person’s walking...

Össur UK Mauch®
Stance control single-axis prosthetic knee joint Mauch® Össur UK

The Mauch Knee has been very consistent with its excellent performance. Now that it has better stability...

Össur UK Mauch® Plus
Stance control single-axis prosthetic knee joint Mauch® Plus Össur UK

The Mauch Knee Plus is a profound functional adaptation of the Mauch Knee..The Mauch Knee Plus is developed...

video Össur UK Balance
Polycentric prosthetic knee joint Balance Össur UK

Balance™ Knee is developed to facilitate immobilization following injury or surgery. Its four-bar geometric design provides the adequate balance required for stability and walking...

video Freedom Innovations Kinterra™
Polycentric foot K3 K4 Kinterra™ Freedom Innovations

Extraordinarily Normal. The Kinterra™ Foot/Ankle System combines hydraulics and carbon fiber technology to provide low to moderate impact K3 ambulators...

video Freedom Innovations Renegade® A•T, Renegade® LP-A•T
Shock absorption dynamic polycentric foot K3 K4 Renegade® A•T, Renegade® LP-A•T Freedom Innovations

The new Renegade® AT and Renegade® LP-AT set a new standard for versatile, durable performance. The new Renegade AT AllTerrain prosthetic foot combines proprietary...

video Freedom Innovations Renegade®, Renegade® LP
Shock absorption foot Renegade®, Renegade® LP Freedom Innovations

Patented Z Technology generally offers exceptional vertical shock deflection and comfort. But the concept of Z innovation goes a bit further. Energy is absorbed and redirected through active tibial progression,...

Freedom Innovations Renegade®, Renegade® LP
Shock absorption polycentric foot Renegade®, Renegade® LP Freedom Innovations

Renegade® MX and Renegade® LP-MX combines multi-axial motion with patented Z-Shock Technology™ to provide a vertical shock device with the motion needed to keep users in balance and secure...

Freedom Innovations DynAdapt™
Dynamic polycentric foot K3 DynAdapt™ Freedom Innovations

Fit, Finish and Roll. The Freedom DynAdapt™ foot is a slim profile, carbon fiber foot system with a slender, anatomic design for easy fit and finish. Its multi-axial function provides maximum comfort...

video Freedom Innovations Thrive™
Dynamic foot Thrive™ Freedom Innovations

The Thrive, from Freedom Inovations, is a state-of-the-art carbon fiber prosthetic foot offers high-level performance, which means they are perfect for sporting activities and...

11 products College Park
new video College Park Soleus®
Shock absorption dynamic foot K2 K3 Soleus® College Park

With their investment in technology and research, Soleus foot is extremely popular among people who need...

new College Park Tempo®
Silicone foot K1 K2 Tempo® College Park

The Tempo provides a good range of motion and high...

video College Park Soleus® TACTICAL
Shock absorption dynamic foot K2 K3 Soleus® TACTICAL College Park

Soleus Tactical is a revolution in the field of prosthetic foot. Inspired by Dale Beatty, this product...

video College Park Velocity™
Dynamic foot Velocity™ College Park

Velocity has created a coupled toe springs that has high...

video College Park Onyx®
Dynamic polycentric foot K3 Onyx® College Park

Onyx foot features four degrees of plantar-dorsiflexion...

video College Park Venture®
Dynamic polycentric foot K3 Venture® College Park

Venture provides powerful agility on demand and is equipped with tei-axial design...

Ivoclar Vivadent AG    SR Phonares II
Nanofilled composite dental SR Phonares II Ivoclar Vivadent AG

These moulds come in 16 shades A-D and 4 unique bleach shades. The variety of these...

Ivoclar Vivadent AG   SR Phonares II Typ
Nanofilled composite dental SR Phonares II Typ Ivoclar Vivadent AG

It has a conventional shape making it perfect for the tooth-to-two-tooth method....

Ivoclar Vivadent AG   SR Phonares II Lingual
Nanofilled composite dental SR Phonares II Lingual Ivoclar Vivadent AG

The lingualized occlusion of posterior tooth line is particularly used for occlusal scheme for removable, implant-borne dental...

Ivoclar Vivadent AG   SR Vivodent PE
Resin dental SR Vivodent PE Ivoclar Vivadent AG

These SR Vivodent PE anterior teeth are well suited to be a full set of prosthetic dentures. They have a high...

Ivoclar Vivadent AG   SR Orthotyp PE
Resin dental SR Orthotyp PE Ivoclar Vivadent AG

The SR Orthotyp PE tooth line is designed to facilitate the implant-supported complete dentures....

Ivoclar Vivadent AG   SR Orthosit PE
Resin dental SR Orthosit PE Ivoclar Vivadent AG

An Isosit dental material, which is highly cross-linked, is used to manufacture SR Orthosit PE posterior teeth. The long-lasting...

3 products 3M ESPE
Stainless steel dental molars 3M ESPE

These prefabricated stainless steel crowns are manufactured with life-like height, contour and occlusal surface. They are pre-crimped at the cervical margin for fast and easy placement....

3M ESPE Unitek™
Stainless steel dental molars Unitek™ 3M ESPE

How to Buy This Product Online Prefabricated stainless steel crowns with proven successful clinical use for short- or long-term pediatric anterior and posterior use....

3M ESPE Iso-Form™
Stainless steel dental molars Iso-Form™ 3M ESPE

Prefabricated crowns made of tin-silver alloy for short-term adult posterior use. Pre-finished, contoured and belled to save placement...

20 products Stryker
Stryker X3
Acetabular cementless X3 Stryker

X3 is a material advancement in bearing technology. As a pioneer in wear-performance technologies, Stryker Orthopaedics has been dedicated to offering bearing surface improvements. Building upon the...

Stryker Trident
Acetabular cementless Trident Stryker

The Trident Acetabular Cup System has been used by orthopedic surgeons since 1999 because of...

Stryker ABG II
Hip cementless ABG II Stryker

The ABGII Cement free Hip System shows family character, with the Standard ABGII and ABGII Modular providing common benefits that will convince most surgeons. The...

Stryker Exeter
Hip cemented Exeter Stryker

More than 400 Exeter Total Hip System Stryker Exeter Hips were first implanted in 1970 at the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital in Exeter, England. Survivorship for 30 years is 91.5 percent today....

Stryker Restoration Modular Revision
Revision hip cementless Restoration Modular Revision Stryker

This Restoration Modular Revision Hip System answers the many challenges of revision hip surgery by utilizing successful designs and the latest technology. This...

Stryker Restoration HA
Revision hip cemented Restoration HA Stryker

The Restoration HA Hip Stem Restoration HA is a fully-coated, titanium revision hip system. It is designed for use in a broad range of revision cases and helps to provide mechanical stability through...

20 products Smith & Nephew
Smith & Nephew BIRMINGHAM HIP™
Femoral head BIRMINGHAM HIP™ Smith & Nephew

The BIRMINGHAM HIP & trade is the global market leading hip resurfacing system with over 125,000 implantations worldwide. Introduced in 1997, this resurfacing system was designed using knowledge gained...

Smith & Nephew OXINIUM™
Femoral head OXINIUM™ Smith & Nephew

The OXINIUM Oxidized Zierconium was first introduced by Smith & Nephew over a decade ago. This patented metal alloy features a combination of scratch-resistance, hardness, and...

Smith & Nephew PROFIX™
Threecompartment knee PROFIX™ Smith & Nephew

Long term survivorship, highly reproducible instrumentation, and a femoral that’s...

Smith & Nephew R3™
Acetabular R3™ Smith & Nephew

The R3 Acetabular System is designed to meet the various bearing requirements of the patients. Besides...

Smith & Nephew ECHELON™
Hip cementless ECHELON™ Smith & Nephew

ECHELON revision hip implants come from a family of femoral stems designed to address both Primary and Revision indications. A variety of stems can be implanted with just one set of instruments. ECHELON...

Smith & Nephew ECHELON™
Revision hip cemented ECHELON™ Smith & Nephew

ECHELON Revision Cemented implants are part of a family of femoral stems designed for primary and revision situations. A variety of stems can be implanted with just one set of instruments. Features...

KLS Martin Group UHP
Ulnar head UHP KLS Martin Group

Ulnar Head Prosthesis is the perfect tool for treating distal radionulnar joint (DRUJ) disorders. These disorders are commonly associated with painful...

1 products Richard Wolf
Richard Wolf RIWObutton
Ligament anterior cruciate ligaments RIWObutton Richard Wolf

The RIWObutton is a tendon anchor used in applications of femoral fixation in tendon...

46 products Fillauer
Fillauer 12P
Pediatric split hook 12P Fillauer

Model 12p-Child Size Hook is small and lightweight and is especially designed for babies by Hosmer. It...

Fillauer 10X
Pediatric split hook 10X Fillauer

This children’s hook is the same shape as the 10P-child size hook andcomes equipped...

Fillauer 10P
Pediatric split hook 10P Fillauer

This children’s hook features a plastisol coating to eliminate sharp points so young...

Fillauer UCLA CAPP
Pediatric split hook UCLA CAPP Fillauer

This terminal device is child sized and features a wide palmar face and resilient friction cover...

Fillauer 99X
Pediatric split hook 99X Fillauer

This hook is very similar to the Dorrance 10X with nitrile rubber tine surfaces that can contour to...

Fillauer 99P
Pediatric split hook 99P Fillauer

The Hosmer Model 99P is a light duty hook designed for use by children or smaller adults. The tynes...

Otto Bock HealthCare Michelangelo
Multiarticulated electricpowered hand myoelectric Michelangelo Otto Bock HealthCare

The Michelangelo hand, given the 2011 German design Award(selected as well for the 2011 red dot product design award), has sophisticated design and provides innovative and unprecedented kinematics...

Otto Bock HealthCare MyoHand VariPlus Speed®
Articulated electricpowered hand myoelectric MyoHand VariPlus Speed® Otto Bock HealthCare

The MyoHand VariPlus Speed® is a system electric hand by Ottobock which provides optimal patient care means fulfilling different objectives, some of which are absolutely opposed. It is available in...

Otto Bock HealthCare DMC plus®
Articulated electricpowered hand myoelectric DMC plus® Otto Bock HealthCare

Otto Bock’s Electric Hand with DMC plus control (Dynamic Mode Control) sets new standards. DMC (Dynamic Mode Control) sets a new standard in myoelectric prosthetics: Grip speed and grip force are controlled...

Otto Bock HealthCare
Pediatric articulated electricpowered hand myoelectric Otto Bock HealthCare

The sizing system of the System Electric Hand for adults and the 2000 Electric Hand for children has proven itself to be very effective. The new Otto Bock size 7 System Electric Hand closes the gap...

Otto Bock HealthCare Digital Twin®
Articulated electricpowered hand myoelectric Digital Twin® Otto Bock HealthCare

System Electric Hand Digital Twin has a digital twin control...

Otto Bock HealthCare DMC Plus
Articulated electricpowered hand myoelectric DMC Plus Otto Bock HealthCare

Otto Bock HealthCare is pleased to announce the new 8E44 Transcarpal Hand - a revolutionary new product designed specifically for patients with very long residual limbs. To create a hand as lightweight...

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