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2 products Technogym
Technogym Selection MED
Leg press training machine (rehabilitation) Selection MED Technogym

The Leg PRess MED lets you take care of leg exercises with five different resistance levels. It works with squatting...

Technogym Inclusive
Leg press training machine (rehabilitation) Inclusive Technogym

Thanks to the innovative features built into the product, Leg Press Inclusive. It allows you to carry out exercises...

1 products GymnaUniphy
video GymnaUniphy
Leg press training machine (rehabilitation) GymnaUniphy

The product is designed for activation of muscle groups including soleus, tibialis anterior, gastrocnemius,...

2 products HUR
HUR  5540 Rehab
Leg press training machine (rehabilitation) 5540 Rehab HUR

This is an exercise unit for the legs. The device is fitted with a "lock" function. The device allows the users to work...

HUR  5545 Rehab
Inclined leg press training machine (rehabilitation) 5545 Rehab HUR

The Leg Press Incline Rehab unit is designed for both legs and buttocks exercises. This efficient machine is...

3 products Easytech
Leg press training machine (rehabilitation) MINIVECTOR Easytech

Active precocious re-education is provided by this device with elastic bands. The device is perfect to increasingly balance the loads applied. This user-friendly device offers broad range of operating...

Easytech Vector
Leg press training machine (rehabilitation) Vector Easytech

The Vector UP is designed to provide controlled elastic force to improve the muscular structure of...

Easytech Vector Up
Computer-based leg press training machine (rehabilitation) Vector Up Easytech

The use of the latest, most innovative computerized system, Vector Up optimizes quality and...

SportsArt Fitness A956
Leg press training machine (rehabilitation) A956 SportsArt Fitness

The A956 Leg Press is designed for leg-related workout. Its pre-stretch, back...

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