Semi-automatic coagulation analyzers

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Coagulation analyzers
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semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 4-channel - DIACHECK CP4

Semiautomatic 4-channel coagulation analyser (with built-in printer) for clotting methods

- Measuring Principle: Turbodensitometric (opto mechanical with magnetic stir bar)
- Tests: PT, APTT, TT, FIB, Fa-I (Factor Intrinsic), Fa-E (Factor Extrinsic)

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 4-channel - URIT-610

URIT-610 Coagulation Analyzer is a state of the art diagnostic equipment. It uses dual-magnetic circuit bead method with several parameters to set,...

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 2-channel - URIT-600

This coagulation analyzer has two channels and weighs only 5.9kg. With the two detectors it is possible to make two different analyses. It has a dimension of 380 mm(W)×340mm(D)×130mm(H) and powers based on AC100V~240V, 50/60Hz,45W . There is...

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 1-channel - STart® 4

WOW! Start, astounding and remarkably built Semi-automated coagulation analyzer, is simply...

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 1-channel - RT-2201C

RT-2201C Coagulation Analyzer

A coagulation analyzer is a type of automated analyzer that measures...

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 2-channel - RT-2202

RT-2202 Coagulation Analyzer provides you with reliable and efficient results....

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 4-channel - RT-2204C

The RT-2204C Coagulation Analyzer offers a scattered light principle and provides...

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 1-channel - HumaClot JUNIOR

HUMAN's economical, compact, and maintenance-free instruments are suitable not only for reagents offered by...

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 2-channel - HumaClot Duo plus

HumaClot Duo Plus is part of HUMAN's line of compact, maintenance-free and economical instruments that are...

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer - CL 2000

The CL 2000 NEW semiautomatic coagulometer offers a high-quality analysis for PT, A-PTT, Clauss Fibrinogen...

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / veterinary - CL 2000 New Vet

The CL 2000 New Vet system is a semi-automatic coagulometer and is ideally utilized in small and medium veterinary labs. It has a high performance analyzer with photo-optical...

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 4-channel - Convergys® CA4000, CA4000-D

The Convergys® CA4000 and CA4000-D series Coagulation Analyzers with Reagents and Controls are for functional factor testing of the blood coagulation...

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 1-channel - Coagulyzer 1

The new family of semi-automated Coagulyzer instruments are designed for the low volume to mid volume labs....

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 2-channel - Coagulyzer 2

The new family of semi-automated Coagulyzer instruments are designed for the low volume to mid volume labs. They combine the advantages...

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 4-channel - Coagulyzer 4

The new family of semi-automated Coagulyzer instruments are designed for the low volume to mid volume labs. They combine the advantages...

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 4-channel - COAG 4D

This remarkable SEMI-AUTOMATED COAGULATION INSTRUMENT comes with a visual sample traffic guidance, nephelometric principle for coagulation tests and turbidimetric principle for D-dimer test.


semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 2-channel - Thrombostat

easy to use
designed for both laboratory and mobile use
can determine all coagulation parameters


Automatisch werden alle wichtigen Funktionen überprüft.

The measuring cuvette, with the sample or reagent, is placed into one of...

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 4-channel - Thrombotimer

Can be used with all reagents
Automatic start upon dispensing reagent
Employs an opto-mechanical measuring system


When switched on, the Thrombotimer automatically checks all important functions.

Inserting a cuvette with a sample into the incubation position will automatically start the timed incubation...

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 4-channel - Coagulometer CL 4

– Whole blood
– Blood plasma
– Capillary citrated blood
– Normal and micro-volumes
– For all commercial reagents
– Maintenance free

The measuring system
A sensor monitors the ball rotating on the bottom...

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 2-channel - BIO SOLEA 2

This coagulometer is used for routine tests and works with TT, APTT and PT reviews. It can work with pipettes in many forms...

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 4-channel - BIO SOLEA 4

This coagulometer is made for APTT, TT, fibrinogen and PT routine sets with four free positions for coagulation needs....

semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / 2-channel - TEG® 5000

The TEG 5000 Thrombelastograph Hemostatis Analyzer System is utilized to help assess bleeding and thrombotic risks, and to monitor antithrombotic therapies. The diagnostic instrument provides comprehensive...

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