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3 products Microlife
Microlife AG1-20
Cuffmounted aneroid AG1-20 Microlife

It is a blood pressure monitor with atrial fibrillation....

Microlife AG1-40
Handheld aneroid AG1-40 Microlife

This sphygmomanometer...

1 products Rudolf Riester
Rudolf Riester  0 - 300 mmHg | sanaphon®
Handheld aneroid 0 - 300 mmHg | sanaphon® Rudolf Riester

This classic palm-style sphygmomanometer allows people to take measurements on their own. The package also includes a stethoscope. Sanaphon® guarantees users that measurements are precise even for...

3 products ERKA.
Handheld aneroid ERKAtest ERKA.

The design or the ERKAtest personal blood pressure monitoring unit is based on the ERKA Perfect-Aneroid...

ERKA. Simplitest
Handheld aneroid Simplitest ERKA.

Use the ERKA Simplitest to achieve precise blood pressure measurements with an easy-to-use tool. This device is constructed...

ERKA. Kobitest
Handheld aneroid Kobitest ERKA.

Compact but hardy, the ERKA Kobitest is a handy toolkit for the medical worker....

1 products CA-MI srl
CA-MI srl P-130
Handheld aneroid P-130 CA-MI srl

The Professional Diagnostics P130 comes with a palm-type sphygmomanometer,...

2 products Bremed
4 products Honsun
Honsun HS-50A
Cuffmounted aneroid HS-50A Honsun

HS-50A STANDARD SPHYGMOMANOMETER KIT Product information : * Nylon...

Honsun HS-50C
Cuffmounted aneroid HS-50C Honsun

HS-50C HOME USE SPHYGMOMANOMETER KIT Product information : * Nylon cuff with...

Honsun HS-50B
Cuffmounted aneroid HS-50B Honsun

HS-50B SPHYGMOMANOMETER KIT WITH DUAL HEAD STETHOSCOPE Product information : * Classic nylon cuff without...

Honsun HS-50D
Cuffmounted aneroid HS-50D Honsun


1 products Ito
Rossmax International . GA102 Mandaus II
Semi-automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor (with stethoscope) GA102 Mandaus II Rossmax International .

Product Features Rossmax patented Digital Sphygmomanometer. Always maintains calibration even if dropped. Spill proof design with...

1 products Spirit Medical
Spirit Medical  CK-111
Cuffmounted aneroid CK-111 Spirit Medical

Aneroid portable Sphygmomanometer with Stethoscope, comes with portable storage pouch. CK-111...

Wenzhou Bokang Instruments 0 - 300 mmHg | BK201-3001
Cuffmounted aneroid 0 - 300 mmHg | BK201-3001 Wenzhou Bokang Instruments

Aneroid manometer, with single head stethoscope Measure scope: 0-300mmHg Accuracy:...

Prestige Medical Criterion Plus™ A85-122
Cuffmounted aneroid Criterion Plus™ A85-122 Prestige Medical

Aneroid Sphygmomanometer in combination with Clinical Criterion Plus is the best-selling...

Prestige Medical Clinical Lite™ A121
Cuffmounted aneroid Clinical Lite™ A121 Prestige Medical

Aneroid Sphygmomanometer / Clinical Lite™ Kit is made of anodized aluminium. It is a classic dual head stethoscope that weighs less than 4 oz....

Prestige Medical A2
Cuffmounted aneroid A2 Prestige Medical

A2 Aneroid sphygmomanometer / stethoscope combination kit has size Cuff range 10"-16". It has lifetime calibration warranty. It has features of Latex...

Prestige Medical A2W
Cuffmounted aneroid A2W Prestige Medical

The Prestige Medical Aneroid Sphygmomanometer and Sprague-Rappaport Kit includes the most widely used stethoscope in the healthcare industry. The Sprague-Rappaport stethoscope is the...

Prestige Medical A3
Cuffmounted aneroid A3 Prestige Medical

The Aneroid Sphygmomanometer/Dual Head Kit (model A3) includes the same features as the best-selling A2 kit except that it benefits from having a traditional dual head stethoscope....

Prestige Medical SpragueLite® A6
Cuffmounted aneroid SpragueLite® A6 Prestige Medical

The SpragueLite® provides all of the diagnostic functions and features of the traditional and best-selling A2 kit (five-in-one Sprague-Rappaport stethoscope),...

video American Diagnostic  0 - 300 mmHg | Pro's Combo III™
Handheld aneroid 0 - 300 mmHg | Pro's Combo III™ American Diagnostic

A combination of our finest pocket aneroid and our most popular Adscope 603 series clinician stethoscope. Together they provide outstanding performance and rugged durability. The 778-603 series...

video American Diagnostic  Pro's Combo I™
Handheld aneroid Pro's Combo I™ American Diagnostic

The ideal kit for the demanding pre-hospital professional or medical student combines our best selling palm aneroid and Sprague stethoscope. The 788-641 series features: The 788 palm style sphygmomanometer...

video American Diagnostic  Pro's Combo V™
Cuffmounted aneroid Pro's Combo V™ American Diagnostic

A professional kit containing our 720 series sphyg - one of our finest and most popular pocket aneroids - and our best selling Adscope-lite 609 series clinician stethoscope. Complete with a color coordinated...

MDF Instruments MDF 808
Cuffmounted aneroid MDF 808 MDF Instruments

Whether at home, in the office or on the road, the easy-to-use MDF® Professional Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with attached Stethoscope is a blood pressure monitor that offers the convenience, portability,...

11 products Tytan Medical
Tytan Medical 300 mmHg - 700R(200)
Cuffmounted aneroid 300 mmHg - 700R(200) Tytan Medical

Model No. 700R 700R-LF for latex-free version 1. Sprague Rappaport – Type FEATURES 700200 Kits Include:  Oversized, matching nylon carrying case  Lifetime...

Tytan Medical 300 mmHg - 700D(120)
Cuffmounted aneroid 300 mmHg - 700D(120) Tytan Medical

Model No. 700D 700D-LF for latex-free versionDual Head – Type FEATURES 700120 Kits Include:  Oversized, matching nylon carrying case ...

Tytan Medical 300 mmHg - 700S (421)
Cuffmounted aneroid 300 mmHg - 700S (421) Tytan Medical

Tytan 700S 700S-LF for latex-free version Adult Stainless Steel -Type Model No: 700421 FEATURES * Outstanding versatility and quality...

Tytan Medical 300 mmHg - 700K (110)
Cuffmounted aneroid 300 mmHg - 700K (110) Tytan Medical

MODEL NO. 700K SELF-TAKING HOME BLOOD PRESSURE KIT 700K-LF for latex-free version FEATURES • Long-lasting cotton D-ring cuff...

Tytan Medical 300 mmHg - 701D (120)
Cuffmounted aneroid 300 mmHg - 701D (120) Tytan Medical

Model No. 701D 701D-LF for latex-free version FEATURES 701120 Kits Include:  Nurse and students alike choose...

Tytan Medical 300 mmHg -  711R(200)
Cuffmounted aneroid 300 mmHg - 711R(200) Tytan Medical

Model No. 711R 711R-LF for latex-free version FEATURES 701200 Kits Include:  Outstanding quality and versatility...

A C COSSOR & SON 0 - 300 mmHg | Combine
Handheld aneroid 0 - 300 mmHg | Combine A C COSSOR & SON

* Made in UK and guaranteed accurate to BS EN 1060-1 * Designed for self use * Cuff...

Friedrich Bosch 0-300 mmHg - FB REGENT
Handheld aneroid 0-300 mmHg - FB REGENT Friedrich Bosch

Specifications: available with single tubing diameter of scale 68mm eays to read scaleboard impact resistant...

1 products Spencer Italia
Spencer Italia  DGX 415
Cuffmounted aneroid DGX 415 Spencer Italia

In order to make simpler and quicken the process of auscultation the phonendoscope’s flat chest piece, made of aluminium, is attached to the sphygmomanometer’s cuff. The smaller size and lesser...

Wardray Premise MR132
Cuffmounted aneroid MR132 Wardray Premise

A high quality yet economic set specifically designed for use in the magnet bore. This set consists of the following...

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