Wall-mounted X-ray apron racks

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4 products AMRAY Medical
AMRAY Medical 076943
076943 AMRAY Medical

3 apron hangers Revolving supports Made in powder coated steel AmRay’s...

AMRAY Medical 076944
076944 AMRAY Medical

6 apron hangers Revolving supports Made in powder coated steel...

AMRAY Medical 082239
082239 AMRAY Medical

AmRay Comfort 10 apron hangers Revolving supports Stainless...

AMRAY Medical 082238
082238 AMRAY Medical

AmRay Comfort 10 apron hangers Lockable castors for ease of movement Stainless...

Wardray Premise ASR2
ASR2 Wardray Premise

The Wall-Mounted Storage Unit is constructed from polished stainless steel and provides a simple but efficient method of storing protective clothing. It consists...

Wardray Premise ASR5
ASR5 Wardray Premise

Supporting three chrome plated Apron Hangers,...

Wardray Premise ASR8
ASR8 Wardray Premise

Apron rails offer an alternative method of storage. They are constructed...

1 products Promega
Promega F5603
F5603 Promega

Capacity of 2 to 5 aprons according to the...

Shielding International 830R
830R Shielding International

This sturdy metal rack is designed to hold...

Shielding International 820
820 Shielding International

Combination Apron and Glove Holder offers...

Shielding International 821
821 Shielding International

Multi-Apron Glove Rack is ideal for storing multiple pairs of...

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