management software / acquisition / analysis / reporting
QuantorMed+ 3Disc Imaging



  • Function:

    management, acquisition, analysis, reporting

  • Application domain:

    medical imaging


Intuitive, easy-to-use QuantorMed+ Imaging Software provides facilities using 3DISCs FireCR+ Readers with optimized image acquisition, processing, and management capabilities. Its next-generation user interface allows simple integration into a facilitys HIS, RIS, and PACSproviding the full range of capabilities needed for improved productivity and workflow.

Next-generation touch-screen user interface
Streamlined intuitive workflow
Automation using DICOM work list server
Position auto-matching
Fast, high-quality image processing designed for CR
Full image manipulation functionality
Fast, easy image verification
Simple data management
Multi-tasking capabilities for maximum efficiency
Secure, high-speed local database for facilities without HIS, RIS, or PACS
Full range of image distribution & output options
Supports various screen resolution for notebook or tablet PC
QuantorMed+ Imaging Software is available in a variety of languages
Unlimited software upgrades

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