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    data exchange, prescription

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Clinical Data Exchange

Physicians need real-time access to aggregated patient information to achieve optimal decision-making and patient outcomes. 4medica’s next generation ePrescribing solution, Meds4, enables clinicians to co-relate patients’ lab data when ordering medications and proactively alerts physicians to changes in the patients’ lab values that may be contra-indicated with current medications, contributing to a longitudinal patient record and coordinated care.

Improved Patient Safety
Meds4 extensive list of real-time medical alerts and notifications include: drug-to-drug interactions, drug-to-allergy interactions, and drug-to-lab interactions with optional graphs. The solution’s advanced clinical integration is vital for reducing potential medical errors and improving patient safety – both important goals of meaningful use.

Reduced Healthcare Costs
Meds4 also ensures greater accuracy, speed and cost-savings in prescription delivery by providing physicians with instant access to insurance eligibility, formulary and medication history information via 4medica’s partnership with Surescripts.