printing software / data exchange / reporting / visualization
Imaging4 4medica



  • Function:

    printing, data exchange, reporting, visualization

  • Application domain:

    radiology, EHR, clinical

  • Other characteristics:



Clinical Integration for Connected Care

4medica’s radiology solution, Imaging4, delivers aggregated patient information to clinicians via its web-based interface, streamlining workflows while improving care delivery. For example, clinicians can view patients’ ADT information via the same easy-to-use interface from which they place radiology exam orders, receive radiology reports and view PACS images – all online, 24x7.

When integrated with 4medica’s lab outreach solution, Labs4, Imaging4 enables clinicians toalso review reports from labs and radiology centers – both inpatient and outpatient -- using the same intuitive interface, further driving connected care.

Advanced Radiology Data Integration

4medica’s radiology solution connects clinicians with the vital patient information needed to support optimal clinical decision-making and workflow efficiencies. Imaging4’s next generation technology includes the ability to:

• Create “frequently ordered exam” lists
• Order radiology exams
• Check for ABN
• Generate ABN in English or Spanish
• Print paper orders or electronically transfer imaging orders
• Update scheduling information in Order Log
• Print requisition with scheduling information, location of imaging center and
any pre- exam patient instructions
• View and print radiology reports
• Integrate with radiology information systems (RIS) and PACS
• Integrate with electronic health records (EHRs)