EEG amplifier / EMG / ERP / ECG
4000 A-M Systems

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EEG amplifier / EMG / ERP / ECG EEG amplifier / EMG / ERP / ECG - 4000


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Break the Limit!
Is the size of your commutator limiting how many channels of neural data you can record?

High Channel Counts :
124 Channels Over a 6-Line Commutator

Cost Effective :
62 Channels of Data for Under $650 per Channel

Range of Applications :
Evoked Responses, Field Potentials, EEG, ECG/EKG, ERG, EMG

Stuck at 2 channels, when you want to record more then 30? Or perhaps you want to record up to 217 Channels from an awake behaving animal, but can't afford the design, engineering, and production of a custom commutator to allow it?

Now you can record what you want as much as you want! With the new MultiRecord System!

Utilize a simple commutator to record high channel counts:
31 Channels over a 3-line commutator!
62 channels over a 4 line commutator!
124 channels over a 6-line commutator!