X-ray radiation shielding screen / ceiling-mounted / with surgical lamp
Hercules® Heavy Lifter AADCO Medical



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    with surgical lamp


Our Heavy Lifter Hercules® Overhead Suspension System, is a new standard in durability & flexibility, to meet the needs of all of today's Diagnostic & Interventional Lab Environments... and there are Hercules® Overhead Systems designed to operate safely in MRI Enviroments as well.Each Heavy Lifter Hercules® Counterpoised Arm (OSP-11 & OSP-12) has a dynamic load lifting range that is adjustable from 4 to 45 Kilograms, 8.8 to 99 lbs. That's delicate enough to handle a Procedure Lamp & Heavy enough to lift a 3 over 3 LCD array...Heavy Lifter Hercules® Overhead Suspension Systems are precision machined from High Strength Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy, that is stronger than steel of equal weight utilizing Stainless Steel, at critical articulation and wear points. There are no cold welds or weak points to fail in our UL Validated and Certified Hercules® Overhead Systems.Hercules® Overhead Suspension Systems can be configured with one or two heavy lifting arms (up to 45 Kg. 99 Lbs.) and one Hercules® Medium lifter arm (up to 21 Kg. 46 lbs.) The Medium lifter is designed with internal wiring for powering examination and surgical lamps and other lighweight devices. That is, up to, a total of 3 counterpoised lifting arms all capable of rotating 360 degrees about a central axis.