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OmniVR® - The World’s First Virtual Rehabilitation System for Aging Adults

ACP’s new OmniVR® is the world’s first virtual rehabilitation system designed specifically for the needs of geriatric patients and more medically complex conditions. This easy-to-use technology improves exercise participation, repetition and duration by re-creating the patient’s movements in a 3-D, real-time interactive experience. Research has shown that treatment outcomes generated by virtual reality rehabilitation can match or exceed those from real world activities and exercises. These benefits may result from the enhanced feedback, motivation and repetitions that occur among patients exercising in virtual reality.

Easy-to-use, "one touch" operation.
Special 3D camera recreates the patient’s movements in a "real time" interactive experience, to enhance patient participation and improve motivation and outcomes.
6 Different "Skilled" Exercise Modes developed for lower-functioning patients: Seated Exercise, Wheelchair Propulsion and Control, Upper Extremity, Balance, Walking, and Cardio.
Geriatric-friendly system does not require hand controllers, special mats or platforms to stand on.
Ideal for both One-on-One and Group Therapy applications, with the capability to accommodate multiple patients simultaneously.