ultrasound diathermy unit / trolley-mounted
Megapulse® II ACP



  • Type:

    ultrasound diathermy unit

  • Ergonomics:



The Megapulse® II Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy provides state-of-the-art thermal and sub-thermal treatment capabilities to address a wide variety of clinical diagnoses. With its patented Delta T Temperature Dose Control Technology, the system insures reproducible dosage for treatment consistency, ease-of-use and clinician efficiency. In addition, it offers a heavily shielded HI-Q applicator head, which focuses the beam and provides uniformity of heating for patient comfort and safety. The system’s protocols are well researched and output parameters have been carefully selected for use with the elderly. Protocol and device utilization can be monitored using the unit’s integrated protocol-use recording function. ACP’s Megapulse® II Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy offers demonstrated clinical efficacy and the units are widely recognized as the most reliable and efficient devices in the industry.