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    for life sciences applications


With LabTutor you can create and manage feature-rich courses and conduct lessons either in a traditional laboratory setting, or over the web. Students engage in hands-on learning by recording and analyzing their own biological signals and work through exercises supported by video, audio, quizzes and other fun ways of learning.

users Student-Centered Learning

Students are intuitively guided through exercises, navigating from objectives and background information, to measurement and evaluation of physiological data, through to final analysis and report.
pencil Create Your Own Content

Alter existing content or create your own LabTutor learning module. LabTutor puts you in total control of your course.
hourglass Efficient Teaching

Teachers can make the most of contact time with students. Administrators can easily manage any number of courses and students.
Create your lab set up with LabTutor in one easy step

Choose what you want to teach, and we'll recommend specialist course content and equipment.