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xenograft bone substitute / orthopedic surgery / malleable
Novocart® Basic Aesculap®



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    orthopedic surgery

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Novocart® Basic

Intelligent three-dimensional collagen matrix for cartilage regeneration after microfracturing

Novocart® Basic is a new type of biphasic, three-dimensional collagen-based matrix to support the biological reconstruction of localized and full-thickness cartilage damages.
Microfracturing stimulates the bone marrow, and mesenchymal stem cells with high regeneration potential can be promoted. The Novocart® Basic matrix membrane covers the defect. The procedure activates the body's own healing potential.

Extraordinary matrix properties
The matrix consists of a collagen membrane cover and a collagen sponge lying underneath. The sponge was developed especially for human cartilage regeneration and has inter-connecting pores that enable a homogeneous, three-dimensional cell distribution. The raw materials for production of the support materials are biomaterials of bovine origin. This biological membrane is also the support material of the medical product for the collagen associated chondrozyte transplantation.

Intended use
Novocart® Basic is used for surgical treatment of smaller localized cartilage damage in the knee joint. The procedure is called matrix associated chondrogenesis (MAC). It is a single-step procedure.

- Biphasic matrix consists of a sponge with columnar structure and interconnected pores, and a firmly connected tear-proof membrane as a covering.
- Biocompatible material, proven in over 6.000 implants
- Reliable fixation and covering of the super clot in the defect area and support of a homogeneous cell distribution
- Supports formation of spherical cell morphology, which corresponds to the chondrogenic phenotype