oxygen therapy hyperbaric chamber / inflatable / monoplace
AHA Flex 18 system AHA Hyperbarics



  • Application:

    oxygen therapy

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Certificate: class IIb medical device (MDD 93/42/EEC)

Working pressure of the chamber: 180 kPa (1.8 bar or 12 psi)

Dimensions of the hyperbaric chamber: length: 250 cm, diameter: 85 cm

Number of occupants: its dimensions allow for it to be occupied by two people

Weight of the chamber: approx. 88 lbs (40 kg)


The chamber works with the help of a compressor, which enables pressure to rise inside the chamber 1.6 feet (50 cm ) per minute. The compressor is turned on for the duration of the therapy, as it provides chamber ventilation. The chamber needs electricity to work.
We use the hyperbaric system along with an oxygen concentrator, which produces pure oxygen simultaneously from normal air (we do not need any oxygen cylinders). One breathes pure oxygen in the chamber with the help of an NRB (non-rebreather) mask.

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