Ankle orthosis (orthopedic immobilization) / orthosis / foot orthosis / ground reaction
KiddieGAIT™ Allard International


  • Type of orthopedic support:

    foot orthosis, ankle orthosis, orthosis

  • Type of ankle orthosis:

    ground reaction

  • Patient type:



Pediatric gait poses special challenges due to the dynamic muscle tone that often presents in much of this population. Not only are there the usual ground reaction forces involved in gait biomechanics, but also top-down spasticity driven forces exacerbate gait deviations and deformities.

Now, KiddieGAIT offers innovative options that have never been available for AFO management of these challenges. Functional environments can be created that supplement gait function instead of immobilizing and inhibiting that function.

• Footdrop
• Gait deviations secondary to proprioceptive deficit
• Idiophathic toe walker with no midfoot collapse
• Low tone crouch gait
• Spina Bifida
• Spastic Diplegia
• Muscular Dystrophy

• Lacking full R.O.M.
• Too rigid foot structure


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