CAD software module / for dental implantology
Ceramill® M-Gin Amann Girrbach



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  • Application domain:

    for dental implantology


Fabricate an implant bridge with gingiva section reliably, quickly and easily

Ceramill M-Gin enables fabrication of Ceramill REAX
(REliable-All-on-X) implant bridges with gingiva section in a completely digital workflow. The Ceramill Mind design software upgrade guides even less experienced users efficiently and step-by-step to an accurately fitting restoration. Users can take advantage of the new Knut Miller cut-back tooth library when designing customised anterior teeth. Uniform cut-back structures without the time-consuming freeform process create reproducible results. Milling strategies, specially developed for this indication, enable highly precise milling results with the finest detail definition. The option of five-axes external processing reduces manual reworking to a minimum, while extending the product portfolio of the lab to include an indication that increases profits without any significant expenditure.