PCR cabinet / decontamination / bench-top / UV
UV³ Analytik Jena



  • Applications:

    for PCR

  • Function:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    UV, with HEPA filter



Up to 3 built-in shortwave (254 nm) UV tubes for decontamination between experiments
Timer sets UV exposure up to 12 h
Safety shut-off switch automatically turns the UV light off when door is opened
Keylock prevents accidental exposure of samples to UV
Unique, easy-clean antimicrobial coating on the stainless steel and aluminum surfaces
Hinged door flips up for easy access to the work area
Built-in power outlets for operation of equipment inside the work area
Two shelves allow placement of small equipment
Makrolon® panels block UV below 400 nm
With or without three-stage HEPA filter
Different sizes: Cabinet or Workstation to meet each individual need