qPCR reagents / DNA polymerase / fluorescence / lyophilized
innuDRY qPCR MasterMix Probe Analytik Jena



  • Applications:

    for qPCR

  • Type:

    DNA polymerase

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innuDRY qPCR MasterMix Probe

Lyophilized Master Mix for real-time PCR

Product Details

Ideal for usage with different probe detection technologies (incl. Taqman® or Rehybridization Probes)
Environment-friendly delivery at room temperature
2times concentrated for easy and safe handling
Compatible to most real-time PCR thermal cyclers
Including high-quality dNTP’s and a Taq DNA Polymerase with Hot Start function
High storage stable at +4 °C

The innuDRY qPCR MasterMix Probe is a novel, storage stable real-time PCR Master Mix for fluorescence detection using different probe technologies (e.g. hydrolysis, FRET or rehybridization probes, and many more). The mix contains all components for a successful real-time PCR. Besides high-quality dNTP’s and a perfect combination of qPCR enhancers, the hot start polymerase avoids unspecific side products selectively. Additionally the lyophilized 2times formulation offers high storage stability at +4 °C and an environmentally friendly delivery at room temperature. After dissolving by using the Resuspension Buffer only primer, probes and the template need to be add to the master mix and filled up to final volume by using molecular biological water. The established handling makes the daily use easy and secure. Real-time results are highly reproducible and ideal with regards to efficiency and slope.