Laser diffraction particle size analyzer / for the pharmaceutical industry
ABT-2001 Angstrom Advanced Inc.


  • Technology:

    laser diffraction

  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry


ABT-2001 Laser Particle Size Analyzer is a high-performance particle size analysis system incorporating modes for measuring both dry and liquid samples. This unit features easy operation, fast testing speeds, high accuracy and excellent repeatability. ABT-2001 is widely applicable for particle size analysis in production industries such as cement plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing, magnetic materials, as well as laboratories in universities and research institutes.


Data processing through full-course Mie scattering theory leads to high accuracy resolution and repeatability
Serial port for transmitting data, which can be easily connected with all PC and Laptops
Standard Windows desktop with a user-friendly interface, easy to operate. Functionality includes serial tests, averaged results, results preview, print, save, query, compare, unite, edit, delete, modify, help and self-diagnosing, etc


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