Hydrogen generator / laboratory / floor-standing / high-purity
HGH 1000 series Angstrom Advanced Inc.


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  • Other characteristics:

    high-purity, high-flow


HGH10000 series hydrogen generators are advanced and fully patented products that produce pure hydrogen through the electrolysis of pure water (without adding alkali). The HGH10000 Hydrogen Generators are light, highly effective, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. HGH10000 series hydrogen generators can be used in the fields that need hydrogen of high flow and purity. The HGH10000 hydrogen generator is used in the chemical industry, hydrogenation, reduction protection, metal welding, smelting, power station cooling, hydrogen station, surface protection, spacecrafts, submarines, heavy hydrogen, heavy oxygen water and others.
The SPE electrodes, the core of the HGH10000 Hydrogen Generator, are highly active catalytic electrodes with nearly zero distance between the electrodes. SPE electrodes are formed by integrating composite catalyst with an ion membrane with high electrolytic efficiency
The main components are manufactured using top-grade engineering plastics and metal
HGH series hydrogen generators with stable gas flow can be used to completely replace hydrogen cylinder safely and conveniently
HGH series hydrogen generators are widely used. Their advanced design is combined with reliable quality, high automaticity, perfect electric control system and high output to create pure hydrogen


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