Laboratory microscope / scanning probe
OS-AA Angstrom Advanced Inc.


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    scanning probe


OS-AA SPM system is known for its multi-functionality and full openness. OS-AA system is not just a platform for unconventional experiments but also for further developments.


Milti-function: STM, AFM, LFM, MFM, EFM, Contacting Mode, Tapping, Phase
Imaging with Full digital control 16bit ADC/DAC
High speed communication based on TCP/IP protocol for double-CPU-double-OS and
large data-exchange
Input/output signal channel preserved for further system extension
Standard external open interface for second developments
I-V Curve and Force-Curve
Nano-manipulating with Super-Multimedia technology
Designed for Windows Vista/XP/NT/2000/9X
Hardcode and Dynamic Code both applied to offline software
Brightness and contrast auto refreshed Multi-Analysis: Granularity and Roughness


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