Laboratory microscope / scanning electron / 3D
AA8000 Angstrom Advanced Inc.


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    scanning electron

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Angstrom AA8000-SEM is a true multi-purpose, multi-user instrument. It excels in versatility and flexibility by combining high performance in all SEM modes & Particle counter with ease of operation in a multi-user material research environment. This instrument features a perfect balance between stable configuration and an excellent resolution. Angstrom-SEM clearly shows Angstroms state-of-art technology. Its rock-solid reliability and fully automated control functions provide customer with the maximum analytical capability. Angstrom-SEM pursues compact SEM design which is great for office environment. Angstrom-SEM provides high scan speed and pixel resolution and high performance control driver with new PCI board. A full set of automated image adjustment functions make it easy for new users to quickly acquire crisp, noise-free images. Even experienced users will benefit from the automated contrast, brightness and focus.

High Performance

Field proven image quality
Upgraded scan speed and pixel resolution.
Wide variety of optional instrument
Resolution : 3.0 nm
Magnification : ~1,000,000X
Display : Photo 4096X 4096
Search : 640X480 30fps
Options : BSE / WDS / EDS / EBSD / Etc.

Gun Coumn

Gun design for stable current supply
Dual field objective lens for spherical
Aberration reduction
Movable aperture for beam centering
Upgraded design of magnetic lens (CL/OL)

Chamber & Stage

5 axis eucentric stage
Option: Stage motorization
EDS,WDS,CCD, Manipulator etc


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