X-ray diffractometer / for research
ADX-2500 Angstrom Advanced Inc.


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    for research


ADX-2500 X-ray Diffraction (XRD) is designed for application in the microstructure measurement, testing and in-depth research investigations. With different accessories and the corresponding control and calculating software, ADX-2500 XRD is a diffraction system according to the practical requirements in many fields.

ADX-2500 X-ray Diffractometer provides the structure analysis of single crystal, polycrystalline and amorphous sample. ADX-2500 X Ray Diffraction is capable of the following: phase qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis (RIR, Internal standard calibration, External standard calibration, Additive criterion), pattern indexing, unit cell determination and refinement, crystallite size and strain determination, profile fitting and structure refinement, residual stress determination, texture analysis(ODF expresses three-dimensional pole figure), crystallinity estimate from peak areas, thin film analysis and others.
Perfect incorporation of the hardware and software, allows ADX-2500 X-ray Diffraction to perform different types of analysis for researchers from various fields;
High precision of the diffraction angle measurement allows ADX-2500 X-ray Diffraction to obtain the more accurate data;
Higher stability of the X-ray generator control system provides excellent measurement accuracy;
Simple and effective design makes ADX-2500 XRD convenient for operation and user friendly.