visualization software / printing / diabetes management / web-based
Diasend® Animas



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    visualization, printing, diabetes management

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diasend® Uploader

diasend®, the web-based diabetes management system, allows you to store, review and print your insulin pump and blood glucose meter data from their website. On the web-based system you can upload your data from home, and your authorized healthcare providers can review it between or during appointments. It sorts your data into neatly organized charts and graphs on the secure HIPAA-compliant diasend® website.

During appointments, diasend® can help you and your provider review what's working and identify where there's room for improvement. Install the diasend® Uploader today to get started tracking your diabetes data with your own account.

Integrated pump and meter data: diasend® uploads data from your Animas® Insulin Pump or OneTouch Ping® as well as from most glucose meters used by Animas patients
diasend® Uploader, there are fewer steps to access and review data
New and improved reports: diasend® offers a standardized, familiar format to review data
Compatible with both Mac and Windows (see requirements below)