endoscope cabinet / hospital / 2-door / with HEPA filter
HDE20 Arc Healthcare Solutions



  • Use:

    for endoscopes

  • Facility:


  • Features:

    2-door, with HEPA filter

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, laminar flow


HDE20 - Endoscope Storage Cabinet
The HDE20 - Endoscope Storage cabinet is made-up of stainless steel to provide an environment for storage of endoscopes after they have been re-processed and disinfected that is free of absorbent material to avoid bacterial or fungal growth.
External scopes are maintained in a laminar flow, HEPA air and positive pressure cabinet.
 Available with ergonomic scope hanger and removable lower drip pan.
 Supported with HEPA Fan Filter Module of 99.99% efficiency to 0.3 microns.
 Available in the size of 44"x22"x92".
 Operation can be performed in 110 or 240 Volt.
 Capable of storing up to 20 endoscopes.
 Using the ARC Endoscope Storage Cabinet will increase the infection control process.